A holiday package is an opportunity of a different sort. It lets you travel to more places, gather more experience and gives you the most to remember. A holiday package covers the places you are going to visit, the hotels you’re going to stay in, the transportation you’ll need and everything that would otherwise needlessly worry you. Bookmyticket has an array of holiday packages - and they are all equally enthralling.

Bookmyticket.com is a travel based company. From years of experiences, we have been able to notice the difficulties many tourists face when travelling to a foreign country. Travellers often never come across the best deals when booking trips or are unaware of few of the best tourist attractions; and so miss out. At times, tourists who are not remotely acquainted to foreign diets face difficulties finding restaurants of their liking. Such problems may not seem too much to handle, but they can take away a lot of your travel and exploration time.

travel and Tours packages, in comparison, are much more expedient. When you book a tour package with Bookmyticket.com, we take care of the below mentioned tour package inclusions:

Return Economy Class Air Fare
Accommodation in 3 star hotels
Meals - Breakfast and Dinner
All Transfers
All city orientation tour and photoshop
Entire road journey and sightseeing in a luxury coach
Services of a tour escort
5% GST + Tips + Insurance

There are numerous benefits of traveling by a tour package; and often it is simply overly comfortable to do so. If you are the kind of traveller who may find communicating with foreign people a little onerous (because of the their variant language or dialect), a travel package provides to you a tour guide to be your channel of communication with a foreign person. A tour guides responsibility is to make sure you abide by your chosen travel package and visit all the best locations there are. The tour guide has knowledge of the destinations you are going visit and so explains to you the significance of every tourist attraction you go to. You will be accompanied by the people of your country who book the same tour package as you; so that you always have company and make new friends.
Some tourists feel uneasy when made to meal over foreign food. A tour package takes care of that too. Though it is adventurous to try new things, you should not do it if feeling bitter is the repercussion. We find you the finest Indian restaurants in your country of travel. You still are free to try the local munchies.
Hunting a hotel in a new country is a task. When foreign lifestyles, customs, traditions and local gestures are different from your own, you can expect unfamiliar approaches to services and facilities in hotels and restaurants. When you book a tour package, we find for the most suitable 3 star hotels so that you can relax in your comfort zone. The location of the hotel is precisely chosen to minimize locomotion.
When you land in a new country and a new city, thereafter most of your transportation will be in a luxury coach, since it is the most suitable mode of transport for sightseeing. There will be many fellow tourists with you, so don’t worry about turning blasé. Your tour guide will be with you and at your service at all times.

The average time you spend touring when you book a travel package is 1 week. Some tour packages take 2 weeks of touring and others less than a week, depending on the country your chosen travel package is based on. At Bookmyticket , we try to scale the farthest of distances. Our travel packages consist of international travel packages as well as domestic travel packages. Magnificent landscapes of Europe are on the list and also the beaches of Bali. We have travel packages to to the gems of Asia, such as japan, Thailand and Singapore. To quench your patriotism, we have tour packages to places such as Delhi, Udaipur and Jaipur among others. Choose wisely and spend wisely.

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