Set against a blue sky and dotted with endless rows of blue houses, the sunny city of Jodhpur is a popular travel destination in Rajasthan. To explore Jodhpur in the truest sense of the term would mean savouring the views of the grand palaces, forts, temples and the infinite Thar Desert. Make the most of your time exploring Jodhpur with car rental in Jodhpur and include only the best sightseeing places in your Jodhpur itinerary.
Options that you can choose from
Half-day (4Hrs / 40Kms) Car rental Jodhpur: This service is the best option for Jodhpur within city conveyance which is a 4Hrs / 40kms package. Jodhpur Half day car rental service is available for local transfers like Airport pick and drop, Railway station pick and drop, Bus stand pick and drop or “A” location to “B” location commutation in Jodhpur City.
 In-city travel options like this (4Hrs / 40Kms) are useful for the travelers/tourist who want only pickup and drop facility means transfer from one place to another like airport pickup and drop, railway station pickup and drop, bus stand pickup and drop and hotel pickup and drop. 
When you book a self-drive car in Jodhpur you can curate your itinerary at will and travel at your own pace. The best part is the driver doesn’t accompany you everywhere and there is no one to rush you to places according to a pre-fixed itinerary. So as long as you return the car rental service on time you are free to exercise your own choices.
 Full-Day (8Hrs / 80Kms) Car rental in Jodhpur: Availing this option means that you get an 8Hrs / 80kms package. Full day car rental service is available for local trips like Jodhpur city sightseeing, shopping and business-related commutation. You can avail a sanitized self-drive car in Jodhpur which is comparatively safer than any public transport. Since you drive the car rental yourself there is no possibility of rash driving or driver misconduct. All the more we all know that in spite of all precautions it is always safe to avoid traveling with strangers. Book a self-drive car in Jodhpur for the full day for family functions, family excursions and sightseeing to some extraordinary destinations in Jodhpur.
 Outstation car rental services in Jodhpur:
 If any traveler/tourist wants to plan for family/group leisure to the out city locations of Jodhpur city. You can take up group packages from Jodhpur to connecting places nearby or as per your requirements. Self-drive cars in Jodhpur are available for unlimited kilometres for out-station locations. A huge fleet of self-drive cars in Jodhpur is available to accommodate all size of groups or ideal for every occasion. Outstation car rental service is divided into three type’s services like Roundtrip, One Way Trip and Multicity/Tours.
 1. Roundtrip: Self-drive cars in Jodhpur are available for roundtrip which is useful for those who need a to and fro travel from Jodhpur. You can request for a Roundtrip for multiple destinations from Jodhpur. These destinations can be the nearby tourist places like Khimsar, Osian or Bishnoi village safari.
 2. One way transfer: This is for those who need just a one-way drop to their destination from Jodhpur. You can request for a one-way drop for multiple destinations from Jodhpur.
 3. Multi-city travel: Suppose if you plan for visiting more than one city in a fixed time limit, say for instance you would want to visit Agra from Delhi, from Agra to Jodhpur, and then Jodhpur to Delhi, avail the Multi city travel service. But car rental services for these trips are invariably available for two ways only. You can also avail car rentals for inter-city business trips.
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