A true book lover would never buy one of those e-book readers available in the market to make reading easy. Those who love reading, love the idea of flipping the pages (sometimes smelling them too) while reading. Books all around gives them a feeling that can’t be defined in words. They usually love keeping all their books sorted and arranged in a way that they can easily access them even when the lights are turned off. So, if you love owning books but don’t know how to keep them all arranged, you are at the right place. These book case organisation ideas would simply blow your mind. Take a look!
• A messy book case can be easily given an arranged look by simply taking out everything it stores. Use a soft wash cloth and a regular cleaner to remove the accumulated dust. Clean the books as well if you see any dust on them. Do the same with the decorative extras. Now when you have everything clean, take a good look at your wooden book rack and slowly start arranging books according to their genre, thickness or author name.
• A huge book collection can possibly be the reason behind the clutter created on your book rack. Dedicate a Sunday to evaluate your collection and give away all those books that don’t seem of much importance to you. If giving away is too hard for you, try sorting them according to their need. For example, keep the fictions in the library, inspirational ones in the meditation room and entertainment books either in the living room or the bathroom.
• If you are planning to buy a book rack, scan all the book rack designs available and pick the one that is light enough to be moved around and spacious enough to store all your books. Divide the books in two categories i.e. fiction and non-fiction and arrange them neatly on your brand new book case.
• Book shelves with adjustable racks have become a rage. This feature lets you play with shelf space and allows you to accommodate even the biggest and thickest books neatly. Worrying about the small spaces that’ll get created due to the adjustments? This is where you would keep your souvenirs and decorative items.
So, the next time when you are arranging your book shelf, keep these points in mind to make your arrangement compliment-worthy.

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A wooden book rack or a book shelf is a book lover’s paradise. They can sit next to sit for hours and just look at the collection they have. With a finely crafted and a spacious book rack, they can easily turn a room or a corner in their house as their personal library or reading space.