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Part One
Shall We Dance?
As individuals, when our relationships with our bodies are not joyful and easy, that uneasiness permeates every level of life. It affects us every day, even though we may suppress it…furthering the estrangement between ourselves and our bodies.

My experience indicated that instead of returning to the source of our strength, our own bodies, we look for answers outside of ourselves…and what do we come up with?

Other people’s answers to our questions.

Those answers work for the other people, but they probably won’t work for us…they won’t work for you, any more than your answers work for them.

Instead of seeking the solution within, we seek the plug-in solution—the super-whiz diet, the next late-great fitness program or expensive piece of equipment, nip/tuck or suck, or the call-out-all-stops rehabilitation program—when what we are really seeking is harmony.

Our discontent is our dissonance.
We are not fully listening to our bodies, and their wisdom.
You are not listening to your body, and your body’s wisdom.
Our bodies are magnificent.
Your body is magnificent.

It’s that simple.

“Movement creates energy and energy breathes life into your soul.”
≈Stephanie Wood

~ Shall We Dance? ~

In this section, you rediscover a joyful dance with your life by tuning into an authentic relationship with your body. Begin to communicate with her, teach her and learn from her with movement easing the dialogue between you. Once you begin your practice, your dance, you will find it so satisfying you will make it a regular part of your day, a habit, a requirement for achieving the happiness you deserve in every area of your life. By accepting your body’s invitation to dance together you will build a partnership with your body that allows you to meet every challenge that life presents you…with ease and grace.

You already have the answers—the answers lie in the conscious relationship you have with your body. She has an awesome intelligence. I help you tap into the knowledge your body wants to share with you. Once you access her knowledge, you join her in the dance of a lifetime. This joyful dance has been my whole life experience.

Shall we dance?
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As a Dancer, Choreographer, Personal Trainer, Body and Business Coach/Mentor, Stephanie Wood's focus is now with her Body Knowledge System ® Philosophy for Living-Doing it Your Way! (a Pioneer here/her legacy) which is a practical system to have people realize the importance of including their body’s intelligence in every choice they make (including and not limited to food, exercise, health, events, environment, work and relationships). She also enjoys Mentoring Professionals in Wellness in beginning and thriving within their new entrepreneurial business. Certifications are available.