After investing your blood and sweat in compiling a literary piece, the last thing you would want is to ruin it by going wrong with the book printing. Printing techniques may break or make the success of your book. Therefore it is best to bank upon the suggestions and ideas from expert printing consultants before you go ahead with the printing process. Get to know how to go about the book printing process systematically.

Important Steps to Follow while Printing a Book

Here is how one should go about printing a book for an impressive outcome:

·The right printing company

Even before getting started with the book designing process, one should consult a good printing press. Experienced printing consultants assist with the designing of the book as well. Most printers print text pages in a signature lot, consisting of a set number of pages. Therefore, try and evenly divide the book into different lots of page signatures. Seek consultation on the quality of paper stock and binding as well.

·Cover designing

First time writers or those who have not yet built a reputation for themselves need a professional book cover for successful sales. Include testimonials from influential people, attention grabbing title designing in an attractive color palette. Request for an ISBN number and obtain a bar code to be printed at the back of the book cover, since most book stores do not accept the book without these specifications.

·Organizing files for printing

In order to prepare files for printing, effort on registration, trapping, ink names, graphic file formats, line screen and resolution is required. The final print will benefit if the book is proofread and edited in the final layout format. Edit lines containing single words and lines on the top of the page (if any).

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