If you are a woman in the business world, no matter what your age, you must read the book Women, Work, and the Art of Savoir Faire, by Mirelle Guiliano. It will help you step around the mistakes you might make in your career or as a business owner, and step forward into an opportunity that you might miss without this kind of coaching.

One of the principles that Guiliano promotes is the importance of mentorship. One of the first questions she asks in the book is: “Do you have a senior person in business who consistently offers you sound counsel and support and consistently champions you?” As a woman who’s been in business for 20 years, mentoring has been very valuable to me. I have consistently maintained relationships with 5 people at a higher level than I am, who I look to for advice. I contact them maybe once a month or two so I can bounce ideas off them, ask questions, and get their input. Even though mentors can be vital to one’s success (and they certainly have been to mine), many people don’t pursue those relationships. Guiliano also asserts that women especially can run into problems when trying to find women at higher levels to mentor them. I agree. Women are often jealous and don’t do a good job of supporting one another in the workplace. That needs to change. It is getting better, but it does exist and remains a problem.

Guiliano quite nicely covers an extensive list of issues and factors for women in the business world: continuing education, promotions, leadership, what types of risks to take, relationships in the business world, business etiquette, interviewing, hiring, firing, stress, business travel, apparel, and even how to value yourself and take time to recharge. It’s all about making your work life more productive and less stressful—and ultimately, more successful.

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