Green Careers for Dummies, by Carol McClelland, PhD, is a must-read for everyone who wants, or thinks they want, a green career. Comprehensive and well-organized, this book delivers an excellent education for readers into a wide range of job possibilities and how to position their education, skills, and interests into fulfilling careers. The instructions about green career exploration and focusing are a great roadmap for personal discovery as well as building practical skills for successful job hunts.

This book is a perfect resource to educate readers on green careers, where to look for opportunities, and how to plan their hunts for green dream jobs. I highly recommend it for new graduates, career transitioners, and everyone who wants to create green leadership roles within their existing jobs.

Christine Hertzog
Managing Director of the Smart Grid Library and
Author of the Smart Grid Dictionary

Green Careers for Dummies, by Carol McClelland, has a very extensive overview of the sub-industries within the green sector, including environmental science, natural resources, alternative energy, green building, green manufacturing, smart grid, transportation etc. In each one of these sections in the book, Carol provides a detailed description of the sector (wind energy, for example) and then includes industry trends, websites, and resources for further exploration. Even though there is a lot of information, it is well organized so it can serve as your “green encyclopedia” for future reference.

For individuals just starting out their exploration in this field, Carol provides ample thought provoking questions and assessment tools to help the job seeker narrow down their green focus and interest in the green economy.

Carol offers advice on how to move forward with your job search once your green goal has been narrowed down including information on training and education, networking and volunteer opportunities.

This book provides one-stop shopping on how to explore a green career and is a must have for anyone considering a career in this sector.

Randi S. Bussin
President and Founder of Aspire!

What exactly does it mean to have a green career? That’s one of the first questions tackled in Green Careers For Dummies, a new book for would-be participants in the new green economy. Instead of simply jumping into how much money you could make in this growing job market, Green Careers For Dummies begins by explaining the nebulous definition of green jobs and careers — since after all, almost any career can be made greener than it is now.

Written by Carol McClelland, Green Careers for Dummies takes a careful eco-minded thinker’s approach, encouraging readers to take a more whole-person approach to the job search.

With an introductory section explaining global warming, an overview of green job trends based on current policies and emerging fields, and informative sidebars explaining hot green topics like cap and trade, Green Careers For Dummies also gives newly-green job seekers some helpful beginners’ ed on green issues. And for those new to the job market as a whole, the book explains how to organize and conduct a job search, covering everything from prepping your resume to using social media networks.

Siel Ju
Mother Nature Network

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