We have always heard the cliché ‘No one is perfect’ as each of us have certain flaws within ourselves. Some of us are surrounded by negativity while others are surrounded by a sense of false ego. Some are depressed while some fail to judge their own skills and abilities. In some cases we are even aware of the flaws that exist within us but we do little to get over them. To live a happy and fruitful life it is important that we always aim for self-improvement. This can help us in different sphere of life – professionally, wealth wise and in terms of our relationships. Though you might have come across several self-improvement techniques books on spirituality are the perfect answer to self-improvement. Human race has walked this path of holistic healing for hundreds of years.

The process to self-improvement starts with enlightenment where we reach a state of increased consciousness and are aware of all the flaws that surround us. By enlightenment we mean awakening fully to the presence of God the Light who has guided mankind through ages. You have to surrender yourself to the superior power. It is a kind of internal healing where the Body, Mind, Soul and the Spirit are in complete harmony which has its essence in the totality of our being. In the Age of Aquarius knowledge and enlightenment isn’t restricted only to a few individuals but has become easily accessible to all. It is not required for self-improvement but is also a necessity for our individual and collective sanity.

Alchemy Healing which runs a holistic healing center is offering solutions to most of the common problems in life and helps in self-improvement in the e-book The Path to the 5th Dimension. This book helps readers develop his Self, the totality of his Being, Body, Soul, Spirit and Beyond. This helps in taking individuals to the 5th Dimension where the timeless and eternal meet. Here along with self-improvement this book also offers new understandings about life and healing. It also adds to the knowledge of increased consciousness that help reach a higher state of mind which is in complete harmony with the external environment. The book has also helped in improving the reproductive organs both in men and women.

There are a lot of positives that one stands to gain from this book. The author has detailed 22 inner journeys in this book that help us improve ourselves and become a better person in every sphere of life. Here you will be taught techniques on building the new energetic structure in the Age of Aquarius of 999 Chakras and subtle bodies. You will be taught techniques to peel off the false ego and release the evil eye that you have. The Path to the 5th Dimension also guides you in raising the Kundalini and claiming the fires of heaven leading us to a better life where we give out positive energy to other around us and become an inspiration to them.

Author's Bio: 

Jacques Tombazian is the founder of Alchemy healing and writes many books on spirituality and holistic healing techniques. He is the author of the e-book The Path to the 5th Dimension.