The modern world is so fast that people don’t even have the time to read a full news story in the morning newspaper. As a working person, I carry my newspaper along with me every day when I start from home for my office. I only have the time to read the headlines of the newspaper during my travel hour from home to office. As I travel by a public vehicle, so I get just enough time to read at least the headlines; but it’s not possible for those who travel in their own vehicles, as they have to drive on their own. In such a fast moving era, people almost have forgotten to read books.

People prefer to read online journals and fictions than to hold a bulky book in their hands. One factor that facilitates the popularity of the Internet is its availability. The Internet facility is available almost in every nook and corner of the world. Even if we are travelling to the distant villages in our country, we would be getting the Internet facility. The availability of this facility on our cell phones has made the path easier. Now people, who have an interest in books, needn’t travel very far to reach the library, because the world of books is present in their PC or cell phones.

Despite the comfort provided by this revolutionizing facility of the Internet, there are some people who still love to be engaged in reading bulky books. It is so because; people sometime find it difficult to search on the Internet. So they prefer to read books or journals available in the library, to be on the safer side. Moreover, it’s altogether a different experience to read a book sitting in the library. Reading a book involves a lot of attention, so a library is the ideal place for reading books and exploring the world. It’s a modern day trend that in most of the educational institutes, books are replaced to a large extent by online materials available on the Internet.

Whenever children get some school projects, they first run to their computers to get the information related to it. There is genuinely no harm in doing so, but the authenticity of the details provided on the Internet should be checked first, because many sites provide half or even wrong information. The Internet helps us become well informed citizens, knowledgeable about current events and updated with the latest controversies and important trends. Though the Internet helps us become aware of what’s going on in the world at a fast pace, the literary world is still better at helping us become aware at the pace most suited to each of us.

Reading books has less harmful effects on our eye sight as compared to reading online at a computer. The computer constantly releases harmful rays that badly impact the eyesight, especially of the children. But it is not that the Internet only has a bad impact, but that it also does a host of goods for us. The Internet is a social platform where we can exchange our views, ideas or thoughts to the world, as well as know about the world in a better manner. Both Internet and books should go hand in hand so that the next generation enjoys a better future.

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