You may have those friends to whom you go out every day for fun. You may have those friends who give you some short term enjoyments. You may have that Best friend who gives you good memories or you may have friends who fight with anyone for you. But all these things give you a temporary feel-good moments.

How about a one who not does all these things for you, But give you a chance to explore yourself, a chance to bring something positive change in you. And this true friend may be a person or a Book. Yes, a Book also can be your True friends and a Guide,too.

A book will not fight for you. But it can make yourself capable, so that you, yourself can discover the solution. This article is about the positive impact a Good book has on you. And why it's your good decision to Stay at home and reading Books, instead going out & Chill.

Books give Knowledge you actually need
You learn many thing from your friends, because your mindset shaped by the behavior of people you are surround with. Good books give you a not only deliver knowledge but also give you an understanding of a particular topic.
Hence giving you a knowledge based on the facts & theories, that's with a proof. A relevant book gives you the knowledge you actually require in life.

With book, you have that Quality time
You can go for a night out with friends, partying till late at night. But all limited to short term enjoyment, only. You can use that time for productive cause as well. Like to learn new skills or reading a book about personal growth.

An impact of time spend with book & yourself is not short term, but it’s a knowledge that you add in your mind. Make friendship with books and include in free time activity list of yours.

Learning new concepts & strategies
Reading a book of your work area, keep you updated with the latest time & theories. A performance & work oriented books, based on the case study & real-life examples. This will not only advance your knowledge but also give you an ability to creative thinking.

A mindset that let you find a unique solution. A solution that friends never have.

At least Books don’t waste your time
You decided to stay at home and read your book as per your schedule. This shows you want to grow, you want to spend good time. But you don't want to waste your time on things or to person, which not adding any values to life.

Feel proud of yourself, at least you don’t waste your time either. Because you have a scheduled to read a positive book.

Opportunity to explore yourself
A time spends reading book is a time, that you invest in developing yourself. There is a positive impact, a good book have on you. A right book put a positive impact on you. That change your way of thinking & look for the positive outcome of the situation, instead of complaining over.

Books give you enough room so that you can think about yourself, that don't possible around friends. Especially if you are introvert and prefers books over friends.

Habit of Reading, Improve writing skills
Reading a book regularly fill your minds with new ideas & thoughts. An ability of the mind to work faster enables to interpret the idea well. Hence, making a friendship with book ultimately improve one’s writing skills.

Those who read other readers, understand how to write effectively. They exactly know how to present your idea with texts, then who don’t read regularly. Reading habit is kind of the best habit that one must have for better future.

Right book Change the way of thinking "Positively"
Your nature is shaped by the behavior of the friends you hang out with. Your friends place a significant role in designing your behavior. You becoming the same them, as group of friends you are with.

Same as that, if you surround yourself with good books, then it brings a positive impact on your personality. So if you are look for the positive in your life, Books are the one.

Habit of reading Books, improve concentration & Focus
It’s said that reading a positive book, simply improve your concentration & focus. A good book doesn’t let your minds divert or lost, it keeps your concern about the important things. You have goals in minds, your friends don’t know about it.

But the book knows it. Hence a good book keeps you on the right track and doesn’t let you off the right path.
Books Have solutions which friends don’t
You have those friends who are solutions to most problems of yours. But that’s not all the time.

Sometimes you have to solve the situation on your own, and there you need read books that helps. A relevant book providing an effective solution to you, a writer of the book is knowledgable & experienced.

Also they have seen more life seasons than your friends. Hence they well aware of the situation, that can solve your life problems from the root.

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