Do you love to read? Of course you do otherwise you wouldn’t be here. My love for the books has been with me from past 7 years and there also came a time when I used to finish an entire book in a day. But time flew and I got busy with my life that now I rarely get time to read and when I do, that moment is just enduring. My genre had always been fiction, romance and poetry. I have a huge collection of those which I used to store safe in my cupboard. Last Sunday I took out some time to read and when I opened my cupboard after maybe a month or two I felt so pity for those books because there was a time when people were jealous of my collection and now came a time when they are lying is some corner of the house unseen, unnoticed and untouched. That’s when I decided to bring home a book shelf to keep my possession healthy and on a display for the easy access. And without any much efforts I just browsed online for the best bookshelves available, that match my requirements in an effective manner.

If you also possess the great collection in your genre, don’t just let them be in the cupboard or something. Bring home a book rack to satisfy your needs and wants. But before you choose one, know what all aspects you should consider :

Categorize The books : I don’t think this will be the difficult task for you. If you love your collection then you must be aware with each and every single detail about it. And it’s not a problem if you don’t, because when we have a large collection of something, it becomes very difficult to recall the details of every piece. So, don’t worry, know the type of collection you possess and in what quantity, because it will help you judge the minimum amount of shelf that your rack should contain. And the capacity each of it should hold. You wouldn’t want your rack to look too vacant or too congested. Just perfect for your requirement!

Tall Or Wide : Best place to locate your bookshelf is your living room. But it won’t be a problem if you want to place it in some other room. The primary thing is to analyze the space available where you could place it. So study the space where you can store it. If it is good enough than you can choose a wide book shelf but if the space is small than go for the one which is more tall and less wide to accommodate the collection and the main purpose of your buying this book rack is solved.

Display The Displayable : The best part, isn’t it? Everybody loves to make the people jealous of the collection they possess and so do I. But we also have some books which are not meant to show off but just to keep safe. So know the amount of books that you wish to display and the amount you think is not meant for display and is rare used. Because the ones to display can be organized in the open shelves while the rare used ones can be kept in the drawers that come attached with many book shelves. They make our display and our collection more fresh.

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The author of this article has a keen interest in bookshelves design online and living room furniture.