What do you spend most of your time thinking about? I bet you don't even know, or maybe you've never given it much thought. Big Mistake. You have about 60,000 thought per day and 95% of your thoughts are repeated, and what's worse is 4 out of 5 of those thoughts are negative.

Your thoughts are influenced by peers, world views, culture, the media religion and social expectation. They determine 95% of the emotions you experience every day. Most of our thoughts are automatic and habitual and control your pain, pleasure belief and values.

Just as gravity makes no distinction or judgments as to WHO it works for, Universal Laws operate with the same precise and absolute fashion. What you think about influences the actions you do and what you become. Your thinking creates a dominate thought and pattern. What you think about, emotionalize and visualize continuously grows in your reality.

So now that you know how your thoughts create your reality lets take a look at how you can transform your negative thoughts and attitude. So the good news is most of your negative attitude stems from the 95% of repeated negative thoughts. The bad news is that you've had these thoughts so often and for so long you actually believe they're real, not just on the mindset level but on a cellular level.

1. Associate with inspiring people. We all have friends and family we love and care about that after a couple of hours in their company you feel upset and unhappy. Although I would be the last person to say stay away from them you can hang out with them in smaller doses. Instead of spend a day or in some cases a few hours with them make it a quick lunch instead. If you don't know or can't hang out with inspiring people then read inspiring stories and biographies.

2. Focus on what you have and not on what you don't have. Spend more time thinking about what's working in your life and not what's not working and what you have control of and what you can't control.

3. Ask yourself empowering questions. Even in the face of things you may not have chosen you can choose how your react by asking yourself questions that put you in control.

a. What's good about this situation?

b. What can I learn from this and what opportunities are within my grasp because of this?

c. How can I make myself feel great about this? What story can I tell that would put this situation in a positive light.

d. How can I personally grow from this experience? Better yet how can I choose to grow from this experience?

We all have to learn to accept the things we cannot change but we can choose to think differently about a situation. Make the decision to change and affirm it every day by choosing positive thoughts. The process itself is pretty simple but having the constant preserverence to first recognize one of the 4 out of 5 negative thoughts and allowing that thought or the fact that it came into your mind to take control but to place that negative thought into a bubble and allow it to float away is an important part of this process.

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