The generation that “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” is creating a new age of “wise elders”. For the first time in history there is a significant aging population. Yet far from being the sickly, retirement bound grandparents of the past, this generation is healthy, active and changing the world AGAIN.

Now to avoid insulting the over 50 boomers, let’s drop the word “elder”. While that name has applied to people within Indian, Egyptian, Hebrew and others throughout the world, it is not popular for the vital boomer of today.

Admittedly, not all people over 50 become wise. Yet heart centered activities and creativity can be keys to vitality. And there is a growing interest in non-traditional spiritual practices. Yoga and meditation are growing rapidly as both a health and spiritual practice.

Self-development seminars are frequently ¾ full of over baby boomers. Dating seminars are predominantly filled with adults wanting to improve their relationship skills for the “second (or third) time around”. What is happening is a focus on meaning. Boomers are looking for the fullness of life.

Traditionally grandparents provide patience and wisdom in their family. Yet now that wisdom is expanding to the world community as boomers are working past traditional retirement, dating and forming new family units.

An interesting trend is the number of baby boomers who are starting a business with a new spouse. Younger couples may have babies together – boomers have a business together for the same reason - to share meaningful purpose, intimacy and growth together.

The world of boomers has already changed. And yet many boomers think they are alone in this change. On Match.Com, every other over 50 profile claims that they “look 10 years younger than their chronological age”. A new generation of wise, healthy, spiritually centered leaders – Will they change the world?

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