When the people you need to interact with regularly - customers or clients (potential and existing), suppliers, and colleagues - perceive that you care for their well-being, then they will become loyal towards your organization, and your brand automatically.  With the pandemic displaying no signs of rolling back, or coming under control; you and yours need to be cautious about daily activities. While there might be relaxations in official restrictions, you should not let your guard down.

Demonstrate Your Care with Appropriate Gift Packs

When you send a care package in Singapore to a loved one, or as an official gift to associates and clients; you demonstrate how much you care. Even if it only a pair or more of face masks, with a foldable mask holder, an adjustable face mask clipper, the recipients know you are saying in effect that they should continue to stay safe to prevent infection. If you throw in a 50m bottle of hand sanitizer with a pack of 10 sheets of alcohol wet wipes in a clear storage pouch; then you will have underscored your point clearly. What’s more you can enclose a personalized note from you to your recipient.

Avoid Getting Infected with Covid-19 or Its Variants

You need to breathe to stay alive. Few people avoid - or are in a position to avoid - touching various surfaces ranging from door knobs, phone screens, table tops, keyboards of computers and laptops, hand rails, taps, and fridge door handles. Either can be a source of infection of corona virus and its variants. Therefore, your priority should be to sanitize surfaces using alcohol swabs or alcohol wet wipes as far as practical, and avoid touching surfaces. While regularly washing your hands is a sensible way to keep infection at bay; sometimes it is more practical to use a hand sanitizer, easily available in a care package, instead of washing your hands every time that you touch a potentially contaminated surface.

Build immunity: Health supplements in tablet form like fish oil, Omega3,Vitamin C packets, Vitamin B, Calcium, Vitamin D, or antioxidants like chia seeds help you build immunity. So, you can put all items of your choice into a canvas tote bag. If the care package in Singapore, is to be a corporate gift, you can have the tote bag imprinted with your logo print. Other items you can include are muscle relief patches, coughlozenges, Brands Essence of chicken, and Brands Berry Essence.

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