Apparently it may seem absurd, but recent studies have proved unanimously that falling is love is actually helping to lose some extra weights. So, next time when you calibrate your weight and excited to see a few pounds lost, don’t forget to thank your partner too. Deep into your physique, oxytocin factor is playing silently correlating your love life and weight loses.

Oxytocin is widely abbreviated with many other names like Love hormone, bliss hormone, moral molecule and cuddle chemical etc.

Oxytocin is indeed an amazing hormone that has multifarious effect on human body. The hormone is generated in the hypothalamus part of the brain and secrets through pituitary gland. Being a nuropeptide, it’s capable of acting as a hormone and also as a neurotransmitter simultaneously. Its chemical composition reveals that it’s a peptide with nine different amino acids. Apart from natural secretion of this amazing hormone, medical practitioners nowadays also advice to use it externally to intensify love life as also rectify major behavioral disorders.

Its link with love and reproduction process is known to human over the centuries. It has marvelous effect of women reproductive function and childbirth; it also has immense effect of your behavior related to stress, relaxation and trust. That’s to say how much will you trust your partner or how much you will feel happy in presence of your lover etc. are enormously regulated by Oxytocin. For more intense social and psychological behavior, experts in this field often advices for external application of the hormone to rectify the behavioral disorders. As such oxytocin nasal spray has become very popular in market.

Recent studies have opened a completely new aspect of oxytocin factor, it’s found that oxytocin reduces your appetite and increases digestive capability. Reduced apatite leads to higher apathy for junk foods, which in turn reduces the risk of high accumulation of harmful fats on different parts of your body. That means, whenever you are with your soul mate having some intimate moments you are actually slicing out extra fats from your body. It seems peculiar, but researches depict elaborately the truth behind this scientific fact.

External use of oxytocin is increasing these days. The wonder hormone is available in the medical stores in form of nasal sprays. Scientific researches over the years have proved beyond doubt that external administration of oxytocin can reduce food intake capacity and obesity positively. Moreover, both form of obesity, i.e. genetically induced and diet induced obesities can be equally reduced in presence of oxytocin. Most importantly oxytocin factor works on that part of hind brain, known as Dorsal Vagus complex, where attraction for different kinds of foods specially the junk foods and volume of meal intake capacity is regulated. Secretion of oxytocin and also external administration of the hormone diminish all metabolic irregularities.

So, always boost up your love life. It has personal, moral and social goodness, moreover its best medicine for reducing extra inches from your body. After all, intense love life means more oxytocin in your blood to reduce weight.

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