Ever feel like you are struggling in your business and getting nowhere? That nothing you are doing is working for you? The first, and one of the most important things, you are going to learn is that you are never alone. Each person is a unique manifestation of Spirit and through Spirit we can be connected to others like us all the time.

There is a simple, straightforward program you can use to gain the skills to move ahead in your own calling, succeed where you were afraid of failure and find the peace and satisfaction that you’ve always dreamed of finding in your work.

No, this system won’t magically make all your struggles and disappointments disappear. But it will give you tools for coping that will cause your problems to seem less important and more manageable. And this proven program can work for you in every area of your life: business or career, family, relationships with colleagues, anyplace you need help. Problems or dilemmas that once threatened to pull you under now seem so much simpler and easier to manage.


Now that you know you are never alone, that you have support whether it is visible or not, you will begin setting Intentions. An Intention can be anything you want to accomplish, achieve, or feel. If, when you first wake up in the morning or last thing before you go to bed at night, you take a few minutes to ponder what your Intentions will be for the day ahead, you can set the stage for the kind of day you want to have. Say, for example, an employee’s performance recently has not been up to par. You’ve been hoping she’ll just “straighten out” and you won’t have to discuss her performance with her. But something is clearly wrong, and you know you need to have that talk with her. You might word your Intention something like this: “Today I want to talk to my employee in a kind and productive way that will leave both of us feeling better.” You can do the same thing with a task you’ve been procrastinating, a discussion with your spouse or getting estimates on the remodel your house so desperately needs.

Positive Evidences

As you begin to set Intentions, be sure to notice when your Intentions manifest. In the example above, when you talk with your employee, you might learn that her marriage is in trouble or one of her children is seriously ill. With whatever the problem is now out in the open, you can give more and better support to your employee, and she knows she can trust you to be supportive. When you set an Intention, expect the Positive Evidences; look for them, recognize them when they appear.

Very often, a Positive Evidence is “just” a feeling. When you are riding to a meeting with a colleague whose constant chatter usually annoys you, set the Intention of enjoying the ride. Getting to the meeting unstressed and ready to contribute are Positive Evidences that your Intention is working just like it should. And for every Positive Evidence that you experience, your faith in the system will grow stronger and setting the Intentions will become easier and more natural.

Energy Management and Assessment

What you are learning through this system is how to manage and assess your energy. By noticing your energy you become aware of what kind of corrections you need to make. The more you practice Setting Intentions and noticing Positive Evidences, the more the program will become a natural and necessary part of your life.

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