If you have a basic knowledge of ephedrine and if the word cardio doesn't make you feel tired even before starting, then you are probably on the right track for your weight loss.

Indeed cardiovascular training is often associated to sweat, pain and boredom. Still it is one of the most effective way to burn fat. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) would destock more fat but it is a quite demanding exercise which is not recommended to people who don't already have a good physical level. Thus cardio training is a good start. Ideally you would start building a solid cardio base before trying HIIT. This preparation phase would not be lost time when you think at the list of benefits that you will get.

Benefits of cardio training alone

  • Your heart is a muscle, if you get it pumping at a higher rate you will progressively improve your athletic performance, you will have a larger stroke volume and a slower resting heart rate, and consequently you will significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Hitting the road regularly will reduce the risk of osteoporosis and increased your bone density (contrary to popular belief, running is not dangerous for your joints).
  • Sweating on your bike will decrease your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Swimming at a good pace will help you building leaner muscle.
  • Rowing and all other cardio trainings will keep your body's hormones in balance by stimulating several hormones: epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, insulin and endorphins, the feel-good hormones.
  • Your mind will thank you also: your aerobic exercises will reduce stress, anxiety or depression, and many studies found a positive effect on sleep.
  • Last but not least, by exercising you are setting a very good example for kids who might join later.

Proposed cardio training sessions

You could start with 3 weekly sessions of 30 minutes at moderate pace and then target 5 per week. You will see quick progress and the next step will be time to increase intensity in order to improve your endurance: warmup, target heart rate, plateau and slowdown. It is important to decrease progressively for a better muscle recovery. Unless you train for a marathon, it is better to increase the intensity rather than the volume of your exercising. You should also vary your sessions as much as you can, preventing physical and mental boredom that treadmills masochists know very well. Try another sport, run with friends, have fun.

Benefits of ephedrine for cardio training

Ephedrine can maximize these benefits due to its sympathomimetic properties.

  • Ephedrine will increase your metabolism before you start your cardio training and multiply the positive effects during the exercise.
  • You will raise your heart rate and thermogenesis and as a result, lipolysis will start earlier and last longer, you will mobilize and burn more fat at low intensity training. Careful though: it is very important to stay below 70% of your maximum heart rate for two reasons: first because it is a safe precaution for your heart knowing the sympathomimetic effects of ephedrine, and second, you will lose more fat at low intensity because you will burn fat instead of glycogen, which is the stock of glucose in your muscle cells used immediately in case of high intensity efforts.
  • Another benefit of ephedrine, aside higher fat burn, will be a higher energy level which will help you keeping the cadence: we know from experience that a decreasing energy level is the main reason why people stop exercising.
  • Other positive effect of ephedrine: you will keep your lean muscle mass, or to be honest you will lose less, depending on the intensity of the cardio sessions. Anaerobic exercising such as High Intensity Interval Training would of course do better but again we don't recommend it while taking ephedrine, our focus is to burn fat while building lean muscle and improving endurance.
  • The last advantage of your intake of ephedrine is that it will reduce your appetite, this is interesting for people who want to lose weight without cravings.

Recommended cardio sessions with ephedrine

Depending on your goals and your timetable, our recommendation is to start building your cardio base without ephedrine, then with ephedrine for 8 weeks max, then resting 2 weeks, then cardio training with ephedrine plus caffeine (EC stack) for 8 weeks again, then rest again, then HIIT without ephedrine, and finally cycling. If you keep this track, you will lose weight. Your next challenge will be to keep it off by adapting definitely your way of life to your new weight, by keeping exercising of course but also but stabilizing your food intake in quantity and in quality.


To sum it up, cardio training alone is highly recommended for your health, and ephedrine can maximize these benefits if all safety rules are respected: initial physical condition, no previous heart disease or high blood pressure, proper dosage etc. You will find a more detailed infomation in our website.

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