Forever Living Products was created by Rex Maughan in 1978, and is today a thriving direct sales business with over 30 years of growth. He was looking to improve his health and his wealth simultaneously, and introduced the first products to 43 people and the business was born.

Today, Forever Living Products is a network marketing success story, as it now boasts over 9 million distributors in over 140 countries around the world. His original dream of helping others to become healthier and wealthier has come true over and over again.

Having a good product range and a healthy compensation plan is a good start in network marketing, but it by no means guarantees you success. Traditionally, the blue print to follow would encourage you to contact all your friends, family, and acquaintances and show them your wares and hope that they joined your scheme.

The drawback with this protocol is that network marketing has gained a reputation over the years for being unable to keep its promises, for encouraging people to fill their garages with products, and for it being impossible to make any money unless you got into the system very early on. Although over the years, some companies have been less than scrupulous when making their promises, and some of the products have been better than others, when you are new to network marketing, these are some of the objections that you are likely to encounter.

Rejection is a big hurdle to overcome when you first start to knock on doors or make those calls. You quickly discover that not everyone is as passionate about the opportunity as you are.

What if you discovered a different way to promote your business that entailed far fewer rejections, and actually bought people to you who were already interested in what you have to offer?

What if there was a method of direct selling that utilised the internet to generate leads and found you prospects that wanted to find out more about your opportunity? There is such a system, and if you are interested, then click on the link below and find out how to benefit from an effective way of succeeding in network marketing.

The system also offers you expert advice in easy to follow videos, there is also free marketing training and a fantastic community that you can join of like minded people where you can make friends and learn online.

Forever Living Products is a great business opportunity and if promoted in the most effective way, could produce the rewards that you are looking for with network marketing.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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