For many companies, launching a media campaign is simple. Create a marketing strategy, convert it into something that is presentable and use one of the many multimedia mediums available to launch the campaign. However, what happens next is what most companies are not equipped to handle. Yes…it is the flurry of calls that come your way in a few minutes after you launch the campaign. Although many companies do have the luxury of running their own call centers, most of them are understaffed or ill-equipped to respond to all the calls that come their way after the campaign goes live. This is where direct response call center outsourcing services as an excellent solution.

The Importance of Direct Response Call Centers

Responding to a huge volume of calls efficiently is not something that every call centers can do. The skillset that is required in a direct response call center agent is quite unique. Below are some attributes of a good direct response call center agent:

1. Ability to take call after call with patience and calm – This is probably the most important attribute of an agent who works in a direct response call center (DRCC). Generally, the best of agents deployed in different call center services get agitated when they have to take call after call with no respite. But a capable DRCC agent has patience in abundance and displays calm on the phone even under strenuous pressures. It is hard to find such agents, especially for a company that is not a specialist in running a call center. Hence, it is a better option to offload the business to specialists in this domain through direct response call center outsourcing.

2. Capability to finish the call quickly while providing resolution to customer query – Patience alone does not work in a DRCC operation. An agent should also be good at expediting the call without compromising on the resolution provided to a customer or resolving the query of a potential client calling in. To perform these tasks, an agent should have the ability to think on his feet and come up with the right response at the right time.

3. Thorough understanding of process – Understanding the process run by the clients is crucial for conveying the right information to the customers calling in. A good IQ is required for imparting quality direct response call center services. With outsourcing, you immediately get access to intelligent agents that can understand the nitty-gritty of your process.

Different Uses of Direct Response Call Center Outsourcing Services

Generally, on-call support works best for supporting a direct response call center operation, however, there are other modes of addressing your customers’ queries and generating new leads like chat support. Apart from supporting a marketing campaign, you can also use direct response call center outsourcing services for:
1. Lead capture and registration
2. Appointment scheduling
3. Order taking
4. Event registration
5. Customer service

Direct response call center outsourcing services offer an economical and foolproof way for increasing sales conversion along with order sizes. It works best for marketing campaigns but can also be used for services like event registration and appointment scheduling. By outsourcing, you not only share your burden with a partner, but are also able to minimize the cost of operation considerably.

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