If you are into online sales and marketing, you will hear many ”gurus” talk about how to work on your mindset, personal development and how to change the way you think. And one of the bestsellers in this business is ”Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. But the truth is that most people lack of self confidence and really hesitate starting their own business for that reason.

The fear of getting started can have several reasons. ”I don't like to call people...”, ”I don't have any experience in this...”, ”I do not have the money needed to go ahead...” and other quite understandable doubts. But most of them are related to your own self confidence.

But do not worry! You can boost your self confidence and become a successful Entrepreneur no matter your initial level. You see, the self confidence we are talking about here is nothing that you need to have from birth, it will follow by training and focusing on the right things.

I sometimes use myself as an example, but from a completely different area. In my younger days (still in school), I was really afraid of speaking to a crowd, even if it was my own classmates. Sooner when I started working, it was the same thing, and of course talking to new people was even worth. Another thing I was told in school, was that I had no talent at all when it came to singing. I actually had to make a singing test in one class, that really lowered my grade for that year. And honestly, I had no interest or intention to start singing.

And look at me now! I am a lead singer in my own Texas Country-Rock band, and has been able to perform on stage in Dallas, Texas in front of a large crowd of country music lovers! Not bad for a Swede! So how did that happen? How could I boost my self confidence to that level to make it a success (for me)? It has to do with your motivation and the way you feel for your situation. I came to a point in my life where I felt that music was one of the most fun things things I wanted to develop at my spare time, and something I enjoyed every minute of. And after a while I felt that I started improving myself and I realized that I actually could hear that I was getting better and better. And it is hard to find a better tool to boost you self confidence than your own discovery that you really are good at this and getting better each day!

So how can you use this knowledge? Well, to get rid of your fears, an boost your self confidence, you should try to read, learn and practice as much as possible. For every new skill, you will feel that you are on your way to become an expert. Talk to people already successful in their business, learn their personal tricks and try it out for yourself. Don't let minor setbacks stop you. Take your time and figure out what was wrong, and make it right next time.

But what matters most at least in my case, you have to do things that you like, while having fun doing it. That is the best energy you will ever find, and if you can combine that with the motivation to succeed, you are on your way to become a great Entrepreneur.

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