Online recruitment via a graduate jobs board is definitely the way forward. The Inavero Institute way back in 2008 demonstrated that 72% of paid job vacancies are uploaded to internet. With this percentage ever increasing, studies after have revealed that online graduate jobs board is one of the most popular recruitment tools amongst recruitment managers. Therefore, it’s clear to suggest that an online job board is a must for any recruitment agency.

Job boards hold a huge range of useful benefits. These include very low set up costs, no stock needed and there is minimal expertise requirements required. To help the cause recruitment services are one of the top searched terms on the internet. Therefore, it is safe to say recruiting online accompanied with a graduate jobs board is a must for any recruitment company wanting to move forward in the UK.

Clearly, many recruitment companies are aware of this. This means that competition online is fierce for a piece of the action in the recruitment world. This is now more so with the current economic climate boasting a vast amount of candidates and few vacant positions available. Therefore, given the circumstance it is vital that your jobs board needs to be optimised to be highly effective.

Here are some tips to help boost your graduate jobs board which no successful job board would ignore.

For employers and agencies it is important to be cost effective. Do not price yourself out the market especially if you are trying to attract online business via your job board. After all with online services you are not just competing against other recruiters you are also up against other forms of advertising such as radio and press. Compared to traditional media an online recruitment service has many advantages but you need to keep your price of advertising to a level which is deemed reasonable. Rates for online advertising is usually around 80% lower than traditional advertising.

In order to encourage repeat advertising you can offer incentives such as discount packages. The type of discounts you could offer are flat fees on unlimited advertising or bundled packages for fixed price. Typically the kind of employers and agencies you will attract are the ones who generate large amounts of vacancies. To attract smaller businesses you could arrange free advertising for a certain amount of placed or free extra services.

Unless you can offer an agency or employer relevant returns for their investment they may never come back to your site, regardless of price. Making sure that job seekers browsing for graduate jobs and responding to relevant ads is just one attribute that you need to keep on top of. Keeping a steady flow of ideal candidates to the employer is a recommendation. Gathering as much information on the candidate will help your cause as they will be guided towards the relevant graduate jobs.

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