There are many ways you can enhance your job boards to help candidates searching for graduate jobs much easier. Providing graduates job listings that are not only extensive but targeted towards them gives them an idea of the variety of jobs available on the market. Although most people would presume that the more graduate jobs advertised and promoted to candidates the overall conversions would be improved, this is not always the case. It is more effective when graduate jobs are uploaded and pushed towards candidates that would be interested in their own niches. Regardless of volume this will improve conversions as you are fulfilling their requirements whether it be a sector or industry specific job or a location specific job.

Job boards should push for ad listings that provide comprehensive details around the position on offer. All ads should include a detailed job description along with the required / necessary skills. Experience and Qualifications should also be highlighted especially for specialised jobs to reduce the amount of candidates that don’t possess the correct qualifications applying.

It is also important for most people when job searching to see a salary or salary range enclosed on the ad as they can often gauge what they expect in comparison to the skills they possess. This also eliminates people who either expect more money or those who feel they don’t have the necessary skills to match the salary on offer.

Some agencies will snub the information provided above, however this kind of information will help them attract relevant candidates and help fill up the jobs more quickly as the ads are a lot more targeted. Many will misplace the ads in the wrong categories in order to open the scope of attracting a different sort of candidate, which should be discouraged. Keeping the ad refined to make the graduate jobs searching easier for the candidate will convert best for the agency.

Job boards that are optimised to find the best candidates to fit their description will enable the candidate to search multiple roles around relevant industries and sectors. They can also input specific keywords to match the roles they are looking for. Also, contract type and length should be an important feature as many candidates are looking for roles tailored to their needs. Some of the top graduate job boards are so advanced that they are able to remember the data inputted by a graduate jobs seeker and deliver either matches on demand or emails to them on graduate jobs roles.

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