Are you feeling bored? Getting bored is quite common in people of all ages. I often listen people saying they are getting bored or the life is so boring. When someone says that life is so boring, it means that he/she is losing interest in life. This type of negative development must be taken seriously.

There may be many reasons of feeling bored. A person who is feeling bored knows well the reason behind his/her boredom. However, the most common reasons of being bored are:

1. Nothing to do. The number one reason of feeling bored is that you have nothing to do. An idle person gets bored quickly.

2. No purpose of life. When you have no purpose of life, no goals to achieve and no targets to reach, then you get bored and say, “life is so boring”.

3. No friends. When you have no friends to go out with and enjoy life then you get bored. Life also becomes boring when there is no one to share your happy moments and enjoy.

4. The same routine work. Most people get bored by doing the same work again and again.

5. Not getting appreciation. If you are doing good work but no one appreciates you then you may get depressed and feel boredom.

6. Feeling emptiness from inside. If you are feeling emptiness or hollowness from within then it can also result in boredom.

When you feel bored you do not want to do anything and this increases your boredom. In order to overcome the feelings of boredom, most people start watching TV, which is a temporary solution but fatal because when they switch over TV they feel more depressed and bored.

There are some temporary solutions for overcoming boredom problems, such as, going for a long walk, doing some yoga or aerobics, talking to a friend, drawing cartoons, singing, dancing etc. However, for permanent and positive solution of your boredom you need to take the following steps:

1. Don’t sit idle. Do something which interests you. In your free time, read a book, write an article, or telephone a friend.

2. Take pride in your work and instead of getting bored, start enjoying what you are doing. Try to do your work in a better way. If you do not like your job then better quit it.

3. Draw a detailed success plan of your life and concentrate on it. Set realistic goals and follow through step by step.

4. Celebrate even your small successes in life. Avail every opportunity to enjoy life.

5. Keep a balance in your work and family life. Spend some time with your spouse and children. Plan some leisure activities with your family.

6. Keep dreaming and keep improving yourself.

7. If you are feeling emptiness in life then establish a link with God. Start praying and do meditation.

8. If something is irritating you then go to the root cause of that matter and try to solve it.

9. Remember that life is not boring. It’s a gift of God for you to enjoy. Life becomes boring when you start living aimlessly. If you follow the purpose of your life then you will never get bored.

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