There is a lot of misunderstanding in the marketplace that I'm involved in, and I get people all the time who tell me, "Listen, I don't want to learn about mindset.

"I want to learn about the stock market, I want to learn how to trade options, I want to learn about Forex, I want to learn about real estate, I want to learn about short sales, I want to learn about buying debt for pennies on the dollar with borrowed money." I a site on the Internet making me money.

All these are good, true, paths… and we could go on and on, but my drift is not going that direction. You've got to have a strategy, a method, and a manner, nobody is denying that. However, nobody makes money in the stock market and not in real estate, no! Nobody makes money because they have an Internet business—no.

You can get in the stock market within five minutes if you register. Go to, buy a stock, you're in the stock market.

Any idiot could buy property, and even with these fancy liar's loans that they've had and they have been saying they're going to phase out—they're still there. Talk to me, baby. That's how I do my real estate investing. I know that.

And Internet—golly gee, how many hundreds of thousands of programs can you join today that offer an Internet presence? How many millions and millions of people are there out there trying—trying—to make a living? No, it's not there that you make the money. It's in yourself. It's you.

I'm reminded of an old story that goes back to the 1910s and 1920s in the U.S. It could've been during the Great Depression. A shoe company decides they're going to expand to Africa to make more money. And so they send a salesman. He had been doing pretty doggone good in his Detroit territory, so they tapped on him.

He gets out there, and he's not doing anything. He gets out there, and he's depressed—and this is ages ago, pre-telex, pre-email, pre-cell phones. You only had a telegram. So they're thinking: "What's happening, what's happening, what's happening?" Finally they get word back from him: "There are real problems here. It's a tribal world. Nobody wears shoes."

Well, being good company managers that they were, having insight, knowing that "As we think, so we create," and of course having had a little bit more time—sometimes time and investigation and research help, too—they sent another man. They sent a man who had humble Tennessee roots. They sent him to Africa.

And these orders started coming back. They're shipping carloads of shoes—and I'm not talking about carloads as in you fill up your automobile, I'm talking about carloads as in you send a freight train.

And so they caught up with him, and asked, "What's going on? What's the difference?" His reply? "Man, it's a tribal society here! NOBODY has shoes!!!!"

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