Botox is the star of the cosmetic treatments industry well-known for its miraculous anti-ageing effects. It gives quick and very effective relief from the facial lines and wrinkles. What usually people know about botox treatment is that it is only effective when you have already started seeing the signs of ageing, i.e. lines and wrinkles.

People often associate botox with frozen looks and expressionless faces. Moreover, this is what really the botox treatment was a few years back. We observed the expressionless and odd kind of celebrity faces which looked somewhat different in a strange way. They lacked expression, and this is the thing that earned bad name to the botox treatment.

However, things have changed a lot since then. Now people want to have softer looking faces that retain some expression even after botox treatment, and that's what baby botox London treatment is all about.

To give you a better understanding of Botox London treatment and baby botox here is a quick overview of both the treatments.

Botox injections treatment

Botox is a name given to the toxin Clostridium botulinum. This toxin acts on the muscles and induces paralysis which stops their function. When injected into the target facial muscles, it hinders the signals from the brain to the muscles which result in relaxing them. These relaxed muscles stop functioning which smooth out the surface skin reducing lines and wrinkles.

The injections of Botox are given in tiny doses as it is a deadly toxin and large doses can damage the function of muscle permanently. It is especially effective for the forehead lines, two lines called elevens that appear between the brows and small lines around the corner of eyes called crow’s feet. The doses of botox in regular botox treatment are a bit higher as compared to baby botox treatment. In proper botox injections treatment, there is nearly a complete loss of expressions as the activity of target facial muscles completely stops.
However, now people don't want totally expressionless faces after botox treatment.

They want to have rejuvenated and fresh faces with pleasing expressions. That is why baby botox London treatment has taken over regular botox treatment.

Baby Botox Treatment

The baby botox injections treatment is quite similar to that of regular botox procedure; it only uses a tiny amount of botox doses as compared to the botox treatment. It means that your facial muscles retain some of their movement; however, the effects of treatment wear off at a faster rate.

As done in botox London treatment, your cosmetic practitioner injects tiny botox doses into the target facial muscles. This slightly affects the movement of muscles and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These injections are given in same facial areas as are injected in the regular botox injections. As the amount of botox injected is quite small, it is injected precisely into the individual muscles to produce highly tailored and natural results.

It is a beneficial treatment for the people who want to try botox treatment for the first time as well as for the people who want to achieve subtle and natural looking results from the procedure. However, you should remember that the effects of baby botox treatment last relatively shorter in comparison to regular botox treatment. It is because of the smaller botox doses. It is most appropriate if you want to get refreshed and rejuvenated look especially before some special event or occasions like a wedding or holiday season.

The side effects of both the botox and baby botox treatments are similar. These include slight bruising, swelling and tenderness in the treated areas which settle in a few days.

Remember to take both the treatments from the qualified, trained and experienced cosmetic practitioner. This ensures natural and subtle looking results which you desire with safety.

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