This is the question that really cannot be answered lightly or with answers that are temporary. This answer is going to involve taking at very good look inside yourself and figuring out plus take a hold of the things that make you up as a person. The best way to say this is for you to figure out and come to terms with who you are and embrace that. It is also being aware of who you are becoming. Knowing this first is the way to figure out what you want.

Many times throughout life we all want different things that we believe will make us happy. How many times, about six months later, do we not even take another look at whatever that was. It was almost forgotten as if an after thought. This probably occurs because it isn't as fulfilling as we thought it would be. But that means we didn't have a hold of the passion inside.

There is an inner core in each of us that gives direction by the feeling that just indicates this is the way to go. It is knowing that this is what brings me joy. This is what feels right for me. This gives me energy and feels good. This is positive and respects others but allows me to feel worthwhile and alive. having these feelings makes it very clear that this is what I want.  it it just something very sure and that you just know.

The great thing is it is different for everyone. It is individually about your life.So it no longer has to be compared.  It is something you know is right for you. 

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