​It is not uncommon for someone to have anxiety problems in today’s world, and while it may still be possible for them to carry on with the rest of their life, there is also the chance that their whole life could end up being affected. In this case, it is going to be challenge for them to enjoy their time on this earth.


One way of looking at this would be to say that some people’s anxiety is out of control, and this comes down to the fact that anxiety is something that everyone experiences to one degree or another. The primary difference is that not everyone’s life is defined by it.

For some people, it could be something that appears from time to time, and they may even be overwhelmed by it at certain times; but that could be as far as it goes. It is then not going to be something that consumes their whole life.

For Example

If one had an exam coming up or was about to go on a date for instance, it would be normal for them to feel slightly anxious. Yet as time passes, this should soon disappear, and one will then be able to settle down.

When one has an exam coming up, they can listen to how they feel, and it can then allow them to prepare in the right way. Yet if this feedback didn’t exist, it could cause them to overlook what they need to work on.

A Positive Influence

It could then be said that even though it is causing them to feel uncomfortable, it is not having a negative influence on their life. What is taking place within them is then allowing them to stay focused, and during moments such as these, it will be important for one to be aware of certain things.

However, if they experienced too much anxiety, it is likely to have a negative effect on their exam. For one thing, it will be hard for them to focus, and once they sit down to begin; they could end up feeling overwhelmed.

Out of Control

This is going to be different to when one experiences anxiety for no apparent reason. It might not matter if they are around others or by themselves, as they could still feel the same.

As a result of this, other people could see them as being unstable, and this could also cause them to feel uncomfortable in their presence. But if they were to ask them why they are experiencing life in this way, they might not know what to say.


In order for one to control how they feel, they might end up avoiding certain situations, and while this might not have much of an impact on their life, it could cause them sabotage their life. When this happens, they are going to stop themselves them from being able to live a fulfilling life.

But even though they may end up putting their life on hold, so to speak, it doesn’t mean they will realise this. This is because they might be caught up in how they feel, and the most important thing could be for them to experience inner peace.


At the same time, if one is still in touch with their needs, they could end up experiencing inner conflict. On one hand, they can have the need to avoid certain situations, and on the other hand, they can have the need to fulfil their needs.

In this case, they might have moments when they are able to live as they would like to live, and moments when this is not possible. This could be how one has experienced life for a short time, or it could be something they have experienced for a number of years.

Reaching Out

Either way, it will be important for them to reach out for support, and through doing this; their life may gradually begin to change. One option would be to see their doctor; another option would be to do an internet search.

If one was to pay a visit to their doctor, they may refer them to some kind of therapist; however, there is also the chance that they will put them on some kind of medication instead. They could also go on medication and have therapy, and when this approach is taken, the medication they are on can then be used as a short-term solution.

The Point of Focus

During this time, one can come to believe that their mind is defining how they feel. As a result, they may need to pay attention to their thoughts on one hand, and to think differently on the other.

Through thinking differently, one may start to feel different, and this is because one’s mind can define how one feels. It would be inaccurate to say that one’s mind always defines how they feel, as the mind can also be influenced by what is taking place in their body.

Another Angle

Therefore, if one changes what is taking place mind and they find that they still suffer from anxiety, they might need to focus on their body. For example, if one doesn’t feel safe in their body, it is going to be a challenge for their mind to feel at peace.

And because their body doesn’t feel at ease, it might not matter what they do with their mind. If they were to try to change how they feel in their body through focusing on their mind, it could be the same as trying to warm up a meal by blowing hot air on it.


When one doesn’t feel safe in their body, it can be a sign that they don’t have boundaries, and this is because they will allow one to feel safe in their body. Part of having boundaries will give one the ability to say yes and no, and another part of having boundaries will mean that one will feel as though it is safe for them to exist.


Without boundaries, it is not going to be much of a surprise if one has anxiety problems, and this is because they will feel exposed. At an energetic level, they can be wide open, and it can be similar to being naked in public.

If one has always experienced life in this, they might not know what it is like to have boundaries. Or if they did have boundaries at one point in time, they may have gradually lost touch with how they used to experience life.

Possible Reasons

There is the chance that one has experienced some kind of abuse or trauma, and this is then why they don’t feel safe in their body. If one has experienced abuse it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were physically abused, as it could relate to another kind of abuse.

Perhaps their personal space was not respected during their childhood years, and this then stopped them from being able to develop boundaries. They would then have remained boundaryless, and other people would be seen as a threat to their survival.


If one can relate to this, it will be important for them to work with a therapist who understands what they are going through. This could be a time where one will experience some kind of bodywork, or some kind of technique that is used for healing trauma, for instance.

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