If one saw perfect skin in the past, it may have been because they were looking at images in a magazine; however, if one was to come across perfect skin in today’s world, it could be because they are using social media. And as one can use social media whenever they like, it also means that they can see perfect skin whenever they like.

But while one might realise that the only reason someone’s skin would look perfect in a magazine is because it has been edited; it doesn’t mean they would realise that the same process could take place on social media. As a result of this, it could cause one to believe that it is normal to have perfect skin.

Reading between the Lines

It could be said although there will be times when people do have perfect skin, there will also be times when they don’t. Along with this, there are likely to be plenty of people who rarely have good skin.

When one has this outlook, they might not feel the need to always have perfect skin. For one thing, they will know that this is not always going to be possible, and it will then be a lot easier for them to feel good about themselves.


If one believes that their skin should always be flawless, they are going to set themselves up to suffer unnecessarily. While it is going to be easy for someone’s skin to look flawless in a magazine or on social media; it won’t be as easy in the real world.

One can’t simply press a few buttons and transform their skin; the only option they may have is to use something on their face. For a woman, this could be make up, and for a man, this could be some kind of moisturiser.

A Long Term Solution

These options could provide a short-term solution; however, if one wanted to improve their skin, it will be important for them to take a closer look at their life; one may find that they need to change their diet, and they may need to get more sleep, for instance.

It might also be important for them to look into how they feel each day, as they might be experiencing too much stress. Through looking into each of these areas and making the necessary changes; their skin may start to improve.

The key Area

The area that one is most concerned about could be their face, and this is because this is the area that everybody sees. There would then be their neck, hands, and arms.

If they lived in a hot country and had the need to wear less clothing, it would include other areas of their body. When one is in a relationship with someone or if they just share their body with another person, they are also going to reveal more.

A Profession

One could also have a profession where their body is on show, and it will then be important for them to look after their skin. It won’t be enough for them to look after the skin on their face; they will need to look after the skin on every part of their body.

On one hand, one might be in a position where they struggle with spots, and on the other hand, they might be in a position where they suffer from dry skin. If one can relate to the former, it may mean that their skin is not painful, but if they can relate to the latter, it may mean that their skin is painful.

A Common Approach

If one has skin that is painful, there is a chance that they will go to see their doctor, and one approach might be for them to go onto some kind of antibiotics. During this time, they are likely to be asked about how long their skin has been like this.

They might be asked about their skin care routine, and their diet might be another area that is looked into. Through taking this approach, one may find that it is only a matter of time before their skin starts to heal.

Another Factor

Along with this, one could also look into what was taking place in their life when their skin started to change. If their skin has been like this for quite some time, it might be hard for them to do this.

It will be important for one to look into what was taking place around them on one hand, and to look into what was taking place within them on the other. This is because although one can have experiences in their life that are stressful; they can also experience stress due to what is taking place within them.

Both Ways

What this shows is that that there is not just what happens, there is also how one responds to what happens. Also, if one feels stressed on the inside, they can end up creating experiences that mirror how they feel.

This is why it will be important for them to look into what has been taking place around them and what has been taking place within them. When one has skin problems, it can be a sign that their boundaries are being crossed.


Not only do boundaries give one the ability to say yes and no; they also allow one to feel safe in their body. When one doesn’t feel as though it is safe for them to exist, they are likely to feel exposed.

Their energetic boundary is then not going to exist, and it can then be normal for them to feel as though other people are getting under their skin, so to speak. As a result of this, they might not feel safe enough to speak their truth.


Through being walked over, one is likely to end up feeling angry; but as they don’t feel safe, they can end up disconnecting from how they feel. This energy then has to go somewhere, and one place it can go to is one’s skin.

The cracks that appear can then be seen as a sign that something is trying to get out, and what is trying to get out can be the emotional energy that has built-up within them. There may have been a time in their life where they were taken advantage off, and this then have left a deep wound.

The Cause

If one doesn’t have boundaries as an adult, it could be a sign that they were not allowed to develop them as a child. During these years, their personal space might not have been respected.

This could mean that one experienced some kind of physical abuse and/or it could mean that they were emotionally abused, for instance. Through what happened, they would have felt as though it wasn’t safe for them to be in their body.


If one can relate to this, it will be important for them to work with a therapist who understands what they are going through. This may be a time where one will experience some kind of bodywork, or some kind of technique for healing trauma may be used.

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