When one has boundaries, they will be able to say yes and no, and this is because they will safe in their own body. And through being this way, it will allow them to express their true-self.


What this comes down to is that one is inherently vulnerable, and this is why it is so important for them to protect themselves. This is not to say that everyone in the world wants to take advantage of them.

However, even if someone doesn’t have the intention to do this, they could still harm them. The reason for this is that if one doesn’t let someone know that they don’t want to do something, there can be no reason for them realise that they are doing anything wrong.

Two Experiences

So, one will need to speak up if one of their friends was to ask them to do something and this was something that doesn’t interest them. If they don’t do this, they could end up wasting their time.

And if a stranger was to ask them to do something that didn’t interest them, they might need to walk away. If they went along with the other person, they could end up being harmed in some way.

Standing Out

Through being able to respond in this way when they don’t want to do something, it will allow them to be themselves. If they were unable to do this, they would have to go along with what other people wanted.

One would then have no other choice than to disconnect from their true needs and feelings, and to develop a false-self. Going along with others will be what feels safe, even though this will cause them to be walked over.

Embracing Life

When one has boundaries, it will allow them to embrace life, and it will make it easier for other people to embrace life. The reason for this is that it will stop them from having the tendency to walk over others.

This comes down to the fact that they will know where they begin and end, and where others begin and end. If this wasn’t the case, it would be normal for them to try to walk over others.

Another Part

Other people would then be seen as being nothing more than an extension of themselves, and there would be no reason for them to respect their boundaries. This is then no different to how one’s arm is another part of them and how they don’t need to ask for permission before they use it.

It is then clear to see how vital boundaries are when it comes to having healthy relationships with others. And while it is important for an individual it have boundaries, it is also going to be important for a country to have boundaries.


In the same way that one will need to stand their ground, a country will also need to stand their ground. When this takes place, the needs of the people who live in the country will generally be taken care of.

For thing, these people will have the need to feel safe in their own country, and to be protected if they were to be attacked by another country. It will then be possible for the country to shine, to so speak, and to express its greatness to the world.

An Identity

Thus, when people visit this country, they are likely to see that there are things they can do and things they can’t do. It will be down to them to adapt to where they are, as opposed to expecting the people around them to accommodate their needs.

This is then no different to how one would behave if they were to go to a friend’s house. If one was to go to a friend’s house and to act as though they were in charge, it would be incredibly disrespectful.

A Different Country

The alternative would be for a country to allow the people who go there to do what they want, and this would naturally have a negative effect. If this was to happen, it would be the same as one being taken advantage of in their own house.

And there will no reason for this country to try to walk over other countries; it will clear that this would be the wrong thing to do. In the same way that it would be wrong for one to walk over others.

One Country

If one was to think about someone in their own life who tries to walk over others, they might soon see a face, and if they were to think about a country that behaves in the same way, they might soon have one in mind. One country that might come to mind is America, and this is somewhere that is often held up as an example for other countries to follow.

A lot has been said about how there are a lot of people who live their illegally, and how a wall needs to be built to change this. Based on this, it could be said that they need to draw the line and to stand their ground.

Two Extremes

It could then be said that this is a country that is being victimised by people from other countries. This is then the same as one being walked over by practically everyone they know.

However, even though this is taking place, this is the same country that has the tendency to walk over other countries. This is then no different to one having moments in their life when they are walked over and moments when they walk over others.

A False Sense of Superiority

So not only is this a country that doesn’t understand where they begin and end and where other countries begin and end, it could be said that they see themselves as being better than just about any other country on the planet. Through being in an elevated position, they believe that they have the right to do whatever they want.

This is then no different to how someone can be out of touch with their own humanity (and healthy shame) and believe that they are better than anyone else. There is then no need for them to respect other people’s boundaries.

In Charge

And through being this way, this country is then the only one that can change the world for the better. It is down to them to police the world, and to deal with the countries who will cause problems.

This is then no different to someone who believes that they always know best, and that it is down to them to fix the people around them. Other people are incapable and they are the only ones who have what it takes.


The way this country behaves has caused a lot of problems in the word, and it has also had a big effect on their own country. Still, it would be inaccurate to say that everyone who lives in America supports what is taking place.

When it comes to what is taking place, it could be said that it is the result of the people who operate behind the scenes. These are not people who care about human life, or having peace on earth.

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