If one wanted travel to another country, there is a strong chance that they would need to have a passport. In addition to this, they may also find that they need to get a visa.

This could be something that doesn’t bother them, and they are then not going to have the need to think about whether the world should be this way. One might simply want to get everything sorted so that they can go to where they need to go.

Part of Life

There is a strong chance that this is something they have always had to do, and so there is going to be no reason for it to stand out. If they were to have moments when they think about how differently their life would be if they could just go wherever they wanted to go, it is not going to go any further.

It could be the same as if one was to think about how different their life would be if they could fly or teleport to other places. This will be something that won’t have a big effect on their life.

Another Outlook

On the other hand, this might be something that one has spent a certain amount of time thinking about. One may see that their life would be easier if they didn’t need to have a passport and a visa to travel the world.

But at the same time, they might believe that there are a number of reasons as to why the world is this way. What they have to go through to go to another country is then going to be worth it in the long run.

The other Side

If one can’t relate to this, they may believe that this is something that needs to change. As far as they are concerned, they should be allowed to go where they want to go on this planet.

And as this can’t take place, it shows that they are not a free human being; instead, people out there are trying to control them. Along with this, one could also spend a lot of time thinking about the people who live in other countries who are not allowed to leave.

The Ideal

Therefore, if it was down to them, they would be able to go wherever they wanted to, and the people around them would be able to do the same thing. After all, one is a citizen of the world, and they could believe that no one has the right to tell them where they can or can’t go.

Through having this outlook, one may look into what they can do to make their dream a reality. What this could cause them to do is to get into politics, and there is likely to be a party that wants the same thing as they do.


The other political parties can then be seen as being stuck in the past, and it could be hard for them to comprehend why they don’t want to have open borders. Through throwing their weight behind a party, they will probably come across other people who have the same outlook.

But even if they didn’t go this far, they could still be surrounded by people who want what they do. It is then not going to be as if they will be all by themselves, and this will give them the strength to keep going.

One Side

When someone wants open borders, it can show that believe that there is nothing good about having closed borders. Or, if there is anything good about it, the good is outweighed by the bad.

Thus, there is going to be no reason for the world to stay as it is; the right thing will be for the world to be one big country. This will then allow their dream to become a reality, and it could be seen as something that will end a lot of the suffering in the world.

Another Angle

One approach would be to look into what might happen if this was to become a reality. Naturally, there are going to be good things that would come out of it, and there would be things that are not so good.

Yet as one as one is talking about something that they haven’t experienced, it can be hard for them to truly understand what it would be like. In the same way that one can believe that their life will be perfect when they meet ‘the one’; it can stop them from being able to have a balanced outlook.

Back To Reality

With this is mind, one can gain a better understanding of what open borders would be like if they were to imagine what it would be like if they didn’t have boundaries. The reason for this is that the borders around a country are generally there to protect the country.

When it comes to their personal life, having boundaries allow them to define what they do and don’t let into their life, and they allow them to feel safe enough to be themselves, amongst other things. What this means is that if one doesn’t have boundaries, it would be the same as having open borders.


Now, clearly there are going to be people out there who wouldn’t take advantage of them, even if though they didn’t have boundaries. The world is made up of all types of people after all.

Just as If one didn’t have a fence around their house and they didn’t lock their door at night, it doesn’t mean that everyone who walks past their house will walk on their garden or walk into their house. However, there are going to be people out there who would take advantage of them, and these people will be only too happy to walk all over their garden and to go into their house and take whatever they can.


If one was to believe that everyone has good intentions and that no one out there wants to take advantage of them or to steal anything from their house, it would show that they are incredibly naive. And through being this way, they would probably be used to being walked over and their house may have been burgled a few times.

What this shows is that while certain things can sound good in theory, it doesn’t mean that they are good in practice. When boundaries are not in place, a number of problems are going to arise.

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