If one felt tired, it might not matter if someone asked them if they would like to go out. They could put their own needs first and say that they haven’t got the energy to do anything.

This could be what always takes place, or it could be something that happens from time to time. If this is how they generally behave when they don’t want to do something, it is going to show that they are able to stand their ground.

Another Perspective

Another way of looking at it might be to say that they are stubborn, and that they are not willing to go with the flow. Thus, instead of being able to let go of the need to be in control, they need to have their hands on the steering wheel, so to speak.

Through being this way, it is likely to stop them from being able to accept new opportunities that arise. And if they are this way when they feel tired, they could also be this way when they aren’t.

Out of Balance

It could then be said that while one is in touch with their masculine aspect, their feminine aspect is being ignored. This is why they are able to listen to themselves but find it difficult to go along with other peoples suggestions.

What this will allow them to do is to make sure that people don’t walk over them, and this is clearly a good thing. The downside to this is that it will stop them from being able to embrace life.

An Analogy

This can be similar to what would happen if a small group of soldiers, whilst guarding a castle, ended up firing at everyone they saw. As although some of these people could try and attack them, there are going to be others who are there for different reasons.

There will be times when people will have food for them, and they could even have important news for them. Having this approach might keep them alive, but what it won’t do is allow them to receive what they need.

A Big Difference

If one had more than once approach, it would allow them protect themselves on one hand and to receive what they need on the other. This could mean that there will be moments when their needs are not met, and they might even feel as though their boundaries have been crossed.

Still, it is not always going to be possible for one’s life to go as they would like it to go. However, through being able to say ‘yes’ from time to time, their world will open up.

The Other Side

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that there are only two options here though, as one could also go to the other extreme. If this was to happen, they would find it a challenge to stand their ground.

In fact, it could be more or less impossible for them to do so, and it will then be normal for them to be walked over. One is then not going to be closed off from life, but they will have no way of protecting themselves.


For example, if a dog wasn’t fed by their owner/s, they would live for very long. This is why it is going to be vital for them to be fed at the right time, and this will then give them the nutrients they need to survive.

Even so, if they were fed too much, it would be just as bad as not feeding them. As the dog doesn’t have the ability to tell them when they are full, it will be down to them to manage what they eat.

Drawing the Line

If they were to simply feed their dog whenever they wanted to be fed, for instance, they would do more harm than good. One is then not putting their foot down; they are going with the flow.

Through embracing their masculine aspect, it will allow them to do what is best for their dog. This shows how important it is for one to be able to listen to both sides of their nature, as opposed to only accepting one side.


What this shows is how important boundaries are when it comes to living a fulfilling life. There are also going to be some people who will have a greater need to stand their ground than others.

This is not because they are more important; it can be due to how sensitive they are. Through being this way, saying ’yes’ when they should be saying ‘no’ can have a far greater effect on them.

Highly Sensitive Person

As they are not going to be able to handle a lot of stimulation, they will probably need to spend a certain amount of time in their own company. So if they were to find it hard to say ‘no’ when someone asked them if they would like to go out, there is a strong chance that they would be used to feeling burnt out.

In addition to this, they will need to spend time around people who understand them; if they were to spend time around people who lacked empathy, they could end up believing that there is something wrong with them. If they found it hard to say ‘no’, they could have the tendency to allow people like this into their life.


If one has gone along with others want for most of their life, this is what can be feels comfortable. The trouble is, it is not having a positive effect on their life, and this is why it needs to change.

This is something that could change if one was to be become aware of their behaviour and then to act differently. Or, they may need to reach out for the support of a therapist.

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