Although human beings are often seen as being independent, it doesn’t mean that this is actually the case. Now, this is not to say that they don’t have their own life to lead; what it comes down to is that everyone is connected.

Therefore, although everyone has their own physical body, this is not going to stop them from being affected by the people around them. This is why it is often said that it is important for someone to be careful when it comes to who they let into their life.


The average person is going to be only too aware of how they need to be careful when it comes to what they put into their body. This is something that is spoken about in the news, and there are plenty of TV programs that go into it.

Even so, when it comes to being around the right people, this is something that is not as well-known. Yet, if one believes that they are an ‘individual’, there is going to be no reason for them to think about it.


When it comes to how one sees themselves, the people around them are going to play a big part. If one is a positive person and believes in themselves, there is a strong chance that the people they surround themselves with will also be the same.

As a result of this, one is going to support their friends, and their friends are going to respond in the same way. One is then filling their cup, so to speak, and they are filling theirs.

Emotional State

Through being around people like this, it is going to make it a lot easier for them to feel good about themselves. This is not to say that this will allow them to always feel good, as there are likely to be moments when their mood will change.

For one thing, they are bound to come into contact with people who will treat them differently. This could be something that will take place when they are at work, or when they go shopping, for instance.

Highly Sensitive

In addition to this, one could be in a position where they are more susceptible to how other people respond to them. What this could show is that they are sensitive, and this can cause them to absorb what other people are going through.

This is not to say that sensitive people are the only ones who do this; what it comes down to is that they can take on more than other people do. Through being this way, they are likely to need far more time to recover.


Thus, it is going to be vital for them to have good boundaries, as this will allow them to function at their best. If they don’t have them, it could end up feeling drained on a regular basis.

Through having them and being aware of what they need to do when they feel drained, it will make their life a lot easier. And, even when they do feel drained, there will be no reason for them to believe that there is something wrong with them.

The Same Approach

When it comes to someone who isn’t highly sensitive, it is also going to be necessary for them to have good boundaries. Negativity might not affect them in the same way, but it is unlikely to simply wash over them.

Through feeling safe in their body and knowing where they begin and end and where other people begin and end, it will be less likely for them to pick up on what doesn’t belong to them. If on the other hand, one wasn’t affected by how other people feel, it could show that they have shut down.


How other people feel is then not going to be something that will leave a mark on them; it will just go over their head. This will make them immune to other people’s emotional states, but it will also mean that they are out of touch with the rest of humanity.

What this comes down to is that one can’t lose one side of the emotional spectrum without losing the other; in order to experience one side, the other also needs to be embraced. The pain that one will avoid through experiencing life in his way will not result in them being able to have a fulfilling existence.


However, when one is in touch with how they feel and they don’t have boundaries, they can find it hard to realise when they are experiencing other people’s emotions. And so although they are going to have their own body, it can be as if they are an extension of other people.

What other people feel is then going to be what they feel, and one is not going to know what doesn’t belong to them. How they feel is then going to be defined by others, and this could even have an impact on their health.

A Sponge

And, though soaking up other peoples stuff, it is going to cause them to lose themselves in the process. It is then clear that they have a great ability to tune into what other people are going through and, this will make it easy for them to put themselves in another person’s shoes, but this is going to cause them to suffer.

If one is sensitive, it might not be possible for them to completely change what is taking place. Even so, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing that they can do, and that they will have to continue to experience life in this way.


The first step will be for one to understand what is taking place and from here, they can do something about it. They might be able to develop boundaries with the assistance of a therapist, or they could try a more spiritual approach.

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