When it comes to travel enthusiasts, some are very sure of what they are expecting from their trips. Again, there are another group of travelers who rely on their tour guides entirely, not sure about what to expect and where. Talking about boutique tours, the very word without which its definite remains incomplete is "tailor-made." They are designed for those who are a class apart in their tastes and expectations and want something exclusive from their trips. Boutique tours of several countries are therefore designed primarily keeping factors like age group, lifestyle, preferences, etc. in mind so that the clients have the best experience possible.

Beautiful Boutique Tour in France
As more and more number of people are opting for these customized tours, charted specifically catering to their needs, a considerable number of companies have come into the business of organizing these tours. They customize their itineraries for the individuals or small groups who opt for the trips and want to discover France like never before. Here are some of the main attractions which these “boutique tours de France” often include –

• Malmaison, Napoleon’s private residence – Situated at a distance of 12 km from Paris, this castle was purchased by Napoleon and Josephine in the early period of their lives i.e., before Napoleon became the emperor. He moved to the Tuileries Palace later on. But this château had remained an important seat of Government, and its Council room had been witness to a lot of major decisions-making.

• Fromelles and the Somme and Belgium Battlefields – The World War I battlefields have always remained a center of attraction for Australians. Their trips are sometimes their pilgrimage to the graves of the relatives they had lost here, and sometimes, for some people, their awareness about the history of the place draws them here.

• Et Voila! Paris! – Beautiful boutique tours in France cover a number of new places in France – in Paris, to be precise. The 2ooo years of history can be unraveled page after page through these tours in Paris which will include Notre Dame, Palais de la Cité, the Marais - brimming with history and nostalgia, the ancient quartiers of Paris, wonderfully preserved, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Eiffel Tower and the areas in and around the Champs Elyseés and much more.

• The Royal Past – These tours also often include Royal Residences, where the Kings and Queens had lived their lavish lives and had strived to create their own legacy. You would be intrigued at how much these places could teach you and how well history speaks!

• The Art of France – Enjoy the impeccable artworks of the French impressionists whose wonderful play of vibrant colors had influenced painters from all over the world. These paintings let us wonder at the beauty that art can reach, especially if the place is France.

Beautiful boutique tours in France can thus turn out to be just what you needed to fulfill your dream of rediscovering Paris, in ways, in which none other had done before.

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