During a trip to Japan with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, I was impressed with the openness of the Japanese people toward Ho'oponopono. In Okinawa and Okayama. More than 1,000 people attended lectures in each place, despite swine flu warnings.

And we had the opportunity to share even more about Ho'oponopono during the many interviews. In addition, we had a small lecture and a special meal with such interesting people.

We stayed overnight at an Inn in Wara. What an incredible experience. First time for me to sleep on the floor--or almost on the floor. We ate delicious natural food, prepared by the Funakoshi family. The Inn, owned by the couple and their three children, all cook with a lot of LOVE and blue solar water. And they take very good care of the Inn. I am so grateful for this experience.

On the bullet train from Okayama to Tokyo with Ihaleakala, I was impressed by the respect that the Japanese have for everybody which they show by the way they bow to each other. Even the guards on the train and the waiters in the restaurant don't discriminate. They bow to everyone over and over, not just one time. They keep bowing until they leave, never showing you their backs.

I told Ihaleakala that I understood bowing as the Japanese people's natural way of cleaning. He agreed. Think about it. When you start a relationship with respecting the other by bowing, by recognizing God in the other person, don't you think the encounter will start in a more positive way? You are a bit more aware and conscious.

Even if you cannot do it physically, bow to the other person mentally before talking. Be conscious that God is in everyone and everything. Know that you are talking to God.

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