You will find that the majority of bowlers are complaining that the bowling ball does not hook anymore or they no longer get the initial reaction from the ball after around 20-50 games. This will happen if the ball is not well maintained. When bowling, you will find that dirt and things like oil will be absorbed in the cover stock of the bowling ball.

The dirt and oil cause underperformance of the ball. Once the ball has oil, it will be challenging to give it a good grip, and the hook will eventually lose its potential. So, even if you have the best bowling ball on the market, you need to observe some maintenance tips so that you can enjoy the best performance. These tips include the following:


Use of cleaning agents will be appropriate and a short way to keep your bowling ball clean and healthy. Check out on the best cleaners for your ball. First, check if the coverstock will work well with the cleaner. For instance, a cleaner that is suitable for sanded coverstock will not work in the same way with that of a polished surface.

The second thing you can look out for is to see whether the United States Bowling Congress clears the bowling ball cleaner for legal use in the league. After each use, you make sure to use your cleaner so that your ball will work effectively.

Ways to use the cleaning agent

The cleaners are mostly found in spray or squeeze bottle and should you should apply to the ball after each use. Make sure that you clean the ball after each use to prevent the ball from sweating and absorbing dirt and oil. Once you apply on the towel, you can use a towel to wipe it off. A microfiber towel works the best due to its high absorption rate.


There are two types of coverstock surfaces that are used while bowling; there is then sanded and polished. Cleaners will prevent your ball from clogging the pores, and the friction will wear down your polish and sanding too.

For a polished surface, you might need a polish that comes in different types. This will polish that gives you a smooth, shiny surface to types with varying levels of grip that can be used to adapt your ball to medium or dry oil patterns.

Bake or bath

Baking your ball will give it another look, this taking it to the pro shop. The ball is exposed to high temperatures, and this allows the oil to come out seeping out of the clogged pores before it is whipped off by the baking machine. You need to do the baking process in a pro shop. On the other hand, the bathing process can be done at home, using boiling water in a bucket and dish soap. You will only need to submerge the ball in the water, having added the dish soap for not more than twenty minutes then take your ball out and dry the oil that had seeped through the pores.


Your bowling ball needs effective care so that it can change how it reacts. You can finally decide to resurface your ball, this process has got its pros and cons but resurfacing changes the ball. I hope the above tips will help you maintain your ball the right way.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.