Many girls with long luxurious strands in the privacy of their thoughts dream to try Boy cut at best salon nyc. However, this haircut doesn’t fit everyone. Some women are afraid that shortcut won’t fit their face, and they will spend many years to grow hair back. It is worth saying that Boy cut looks quite sexy and seductive. Thus, girls with extra short hair don’t give in girls with long tresses.

Boy cut has a lot of advantages:

● Your hair will be full of energy and vitality.
● You will never have to fight dull split ends.
● Boy haircut is quite easy to care for. Also, it doesn’t require many time and efforts for styling.
● This short haircut is very comfortable, especially in hot season.
● Short trimmed strands make a woman look younger.

Boy haircut styles

If you decide to change your look dramatically and give preference to Boy cut, you should visit a professional hairstylist at best salon nyc. It is quite difficult to create such haircut at home without hairdressing skills. Thus, visit beauty hair salon, where high-skilled hairstylist will help you to pick up Boy cut style that will ideally fit you. It should be mentioned that there are several styles of Boy haircut for women.

Casual Boy cut style

Casual Boy cut is one of the best hairdos for a daily natural look. Casual style means that strands are styled effortlessly and naturally. An appropriate clothing and accessories will complete your look. Give preference to classic jeans, shirt and high heels.

Chanel Boy cut style

Chanel Boy cut is characterized by slightly waved strands. As this haircut creates a romantic look, it is better to combine it with a dress, high heels, and tender accessories, for example, pearls.

Twiggy Boy cut style

Shortcut in Twiggy style implies smoothly styled hair. This hairdo is chosen most by teenager girls. Twiggy Boy cut looks especially attractive with wide ripped jeans and relaxed fit shirts or blouses.

Dandy Boy cut style

The central feature of Dandy Boy cut is carelessly and messy hair styling. Sticking strands underline mischievous style. At the same time, it looks quite sexy and beautiful.

Rock Boy cut style

Perhaps Rock Boy cut style is the most spunk from all. It consists from long bang with a short haircut, thereby allows you to stand out from the crowd. Hipster jackets and trousers will ideally complete the venturous look.

How to wear Boy cut and stay feminine:

● Finalize the hairdo with various hair accessories: headband or headwrap that fit your Boy cut style.
● Highlight cheekbones, eyebrows and lips with color cosmetics.
● Give preference to massive earrings and clips.
● Choose feminine clothing style.

Well, as you see, there are many options of Boy cut, which means that you’ll never look boring with it. You can be spunk ladette in the afternoon and turn into an elegant lady in the evening. So, put off doubts and fears! With our tips, you’ll create your unique look and always be in the spotlight.

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