We often hear terms like BPO jobs or call center jobs. But few of us ponder over the terms to know what it is. Let’s know what BPO is. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a significant part of the ITES sector which takes care of all kinds of outsourcing works. Businesses often go for outsourcing processes nowadays to cope up with the high rate of competition in the business world. This outsourcing service is a good opportunity for job seekers to start a career with BPO jobs in hand.

Most of the BPO jobs require basic qualifications like intermediate or plus 2. The main eligibility criteria for this job are smart and fluent communication skills, a presentable and appealing voice, interpersonal skills, and basic knowledge of computers. Whether you are from a technical background or non-technical background, you can apply for the BPO jobs. It is a good career opportunity for both fresher and experienced candidates. As outsourcing is a convenient and cost-effective option, many businesses are looking for BPO service for their non-core works.

BPO jobs can be of two types including front office BPO job and back-office BPO job. In front office outsourcing jobs, your responsibility will be to provide direct services to the customers in a voice-based way. Back office outsourcing jobs ask you to handle data processing, finance, accounting, customer care, and other technical works. However, both of the kinds of jobs need the eligibility criteria like good communication skills, etc. as mentioned before.

With rapidly growing IT services in cities like Durgapur, there are vacancies for BPO jobs in Durgapur coming up. The main task for such BPO job holders is dealing with the customers or clients. Back-office BPO service providers may have to deal with the core works of a company.

However, if you are looking for a job, call center jobs in Durgapur is a lucrative opportunity for you. Go for it and get a chance to build a good career for yourself.

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Chiranjit Roy is an active blogger and an entrepreneur who pens down various business articles and blogs and suggest unique business ideas to the readers who are willing to launch their own business initiatives.