Braided rugs are excellent accessories for kid’s rooms. Here we have mentioned how to make a braided rug. We have also listed tips to maintain a braided rug.

Braided rugs are often selected for decorating children’s rooms. While they look great in any room, they just seem perfect for kid’s rooms. Here is more about how you can make braided rugs for kid’s rooms.

How to braid rugs for children’s rooms?

If you do a lot of sewing and would like to make a braided rug for your child’s room you can easily do it. You just need to follow the few basic steps.

• You can start off by taking three strips of fabric of different or same length. Even strips of different lengths make great looking braided rugs.

• You must initially fold the strips into half lengthwise. You must then join the strips at the end using a safety pin to join all the layers.

• Now you can start braiding the three strips together till you reach the end of the strips.

• You can add yet another strip when these strips start running short.

• You can continue to work this way till you get a long braided rope.

• Now you need to attach another safety pin at the end of this long braided rope.
• You may have to increase the length so avoid tying the ends.
• Now you must lay the rope on a flat and large surface out to roughly 12 inches. You must now fold the rope around and lay it close to the first 12 inch length for the center of an oval braided rug.

• Now use a heavy duty thread and needle to sew them together and form a braided rug.

• You should make use of tight stitches to bind these together.

• You can tie a knot at the lower side to tie it securely.

• Your braided rug for the children’s room is ready.

Some tips while you make braided rugs for a Child’s Room
When you make a braided rug for the child’s room, you can involve your kid to in the braiding process. This will keep your child engaged and make him feel responsible.

If any strip or material is left out you can cut and save it to use it the next time you make a braided rug.

How to clean braided rugs used in Kid’s Bedrooms?

Children are messy so the braided rugs used in your child’s bedroom are prone to get dirty faster. Cleaning a braided rug can be a real challenge. Here we have some tips to help you.

You can vacuum the rug. You must never use a roller brush on braided rugs. This can damage the braided rug.
You can eliminate all the dirt in the braided rug by making use of a dry cleaning solvent.

If there are any stains on your braided rug you can use vinegar or ammonia to remove it.

You need to clean your braided area rug once in a while. If you can wash the rug in a washing machine the problem gets greatly simplified. You simply need to occasionally wash the rug in the machine.

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