Subliminal music is aimed at reprogramming mind functions to overcome negative thoughts that stop people from reaching their goals, most people use this therapy as a brain enhancer. Individuals cannot hear the voices in this music as they are masked behind the soothing ocean waves. The conscious mind has a way it interprets information and subliminal music ensures it gives you positive thinking that will last longer. The mind doesn’t always think like we want it to because our thoughts are affected by our day to day activities and our pasts including painful experiences that may cause low self esteem, self sabotage and bad habits.

There are several formats used to make this music and they include:

Reverse mp3

These ones are just normal tracks although they contain subliminal messages that are recorded in reverse. These messages just contain normal affirmations but are recorded in reverse so that the subconscious can be able to accept them better by picking them up from the tracks. The mind is able to understand this faster although the individual is not able o decode what the message is talking about. In this music the sound is played really low only for the subconscious to be able to get it.

Regular mp3s

This one’s contain straight messages although they are played in very low volume that the individual will find it hard to listen to it. The signals are then transmitted to the mind through different frequencies played at normal speed.

Multiple messages

In these songs the messages are stored with several messages in them they are then played together with the music as they are hidden in several locations. One is not able to locate exactly when they will play but the mind will pick up on these signals. This type of recording is meant for individuals who need serious help, especially those experiencing more than two difficult challenges.

Blended into vocals

This mp3s can actually be heard by the individuals listening to these recordings. They use some of the messages in these recordings with the original music. They just place them randomly in t he track and although it may be hard to hear them the subconscious will pick them up and use them. This type of music is considered better because it is very entertaining but at the same time assisting individuals to improve on the problems that are affecting them.

This subliminal music tracks will help individuals to stop bad habits like, quitting smoking for those who have failed in their attempts to quit this habit, rapid weight loss as it helps individuals develop discipline to reach their desired goals, to overcome alcoholism by helping breach barriers of denial and seeking help to end the craving for it, overcoming anxiety and anger that may have generated from situations of stress or panic hence ending depression, building self-confidence for individuals who lack motivation for life and improving on sleep as mind functions work better. People suffering from grief can also use a subliminal brain enhancer therapy to make them relax and give them a positive outlook of their life.

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