It is said that the brain is the most complex machine on earth. It is that machine in the human body that is responsible for our every movement, our personality and how best we remember past events. Without the brain’s capability to hold the memory of things we have done before, what we intend to do and or even who we all are, then there would be no you and me. As much as we would like to keep our brain memory intact, sometimes we forget stuff and wonder how that happens.

Yes, it is quite okay to forget some basic information that is not relevant to us at that particular moment. For example, it is not a life threatening case when you forget the name of your neighbor who just moved in when you do not cross paths that often. It is not also serious when your brain erases the memory of movies you watched when you were a kid.

But it is quite serious when we forget important stuff like our name, where we live, our relatives and basically what we have been doing for the past one hour. So what affects our brain memory? The brain memory can be affected by a number of things including diseases, accidents and also the kind of lifestyle who choose to live.

When the brain memory is lost as a result of illness such as Alzheimer’s disease and or Parkinson disease, then there is little we can do. This is because these diseases have some kind of damage to our brain cells thus leading to long term or permanent memory loss. Head injuries on the other hand can be classified as serious or not. There are head injuries that lead to major damage of the brain thus causing a permanent brain memory loss. The less serious accidents while only cause temporary brain memory loss which the patient can recover as they get better.

When we choose to live the kind of lifestyle that requires heavy drinking as a daily routine, then we are not only damaging our other important body cells but also the brain. Previous researches show that heavy drinkers suffer from memory loss than those who drink occasionally.

So how do we improve our brain memory? There is no trick when it comes to this. All we need to do is to follow a few basic rules and guidelines that will help keep our memory in check. The first thing to do is to never skip on sleep or exercise. The simple exercise we do such as walking or joking helps to increase the oxygen supply in our brain and as a result reduce the chances of getting any disorders that eventually lead to memory loss. Sleep on the other hand ensures that your brain performs at its full capacity.

Other things to keep in mind in order to boost your brain memory is to maintain healthy relations around you, laugh as much as possible, avoid alcoholic drinks, exercise the brain by trying to remember past activities, have supplements that boost the brain memory such as Omega -3. Lastly it is important that you are stress free. Meditate as much as possible since mediation helps to thicken the walls of the cerebral cortex, increasing cell contact and in return, our brain memory ability.

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