The things inside families are pretty complicated nowadays. Many parents don't know how to handle their children and let them grow on their own, which sometimes can end really bad. On the other hand, others are obsessed by making their children some kind of geniuses. Of course, many parents would like to encourage and even push their children’s brain potential as much as possible at an early age. This is fine, but parents need to know how to stimulate the young mind and, of course, when to do it as to achieve optimal results.

It does sound like computer programming, but in many aspects it is the same thing. People are born with about the same brain capacity, unless there are other medical and physiological issues present. Parents of young children can try and boost their brain capacity at an early age as this is the time when the connections between brain cells are made i.e. the child’s mind develops. In general, specialists advise that parents need to stimulate the young mind with the right nutrients and with a measured dose of varied experiences. Another proven way to stimulate the young mind is to make the child participate in a range of suitable activities and environments. One of the most important things to consider is the right diet, make sure the child consumes plentiful amount of fruits and vegetables throughout all seasons. They are vital for the proper development of the brain on a physiological level. Be ready for some serious resistance on the children's behalf though, as well known they never like their veggies.

Another important aspect is stress, children need to know that the brain has its limits and needs a proper session of relaxation each day or night. Maintaining a healthy dose of activity and relaxation will yield the right results. Experts warn that children should not be left under pressure or tension as this will give negative results in the development. Plenty of liquids, mainly water is vital, never let the brain run on dry. Another thing that can be considered of great importance is the clean home environment. If you don’t have time to care for the house, look for some professional cleaning companies around you, they will be of great help and the house will always be spotless. A good idea is to find a local firm and book regular cleaning services. Keep an eye on the prices as well, and choose the company and service that offers the best deal that suits your needs.

In the end, always leave your children some time to play. Don't rush them to learn a bunch of things at the same time, divide the "learning process" in time and let children do what they want once in a while. This way you will stimulate your children to learn new things along with taking decisions on their own. And you know how important is that, especially when you're already grown up.

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My name is Lisa Header and I've used to be a professional house maid for Fantastic Cleaners in Islington for several years before I’ve got my first child. Now, I have two and have to stay at home to look after them. That’s how I’ve decided to become a freelance writer to earn some money while staying at home, and a blogger - to share everything I’ve learned (and still learning) from life. You can check my blog here .