Your brain, just like any other part of your body requires and requires brain training games. The brain learns and grows by interacting with the world through perception and action. Constantly exercising your brain stimulates it and actually protects it from redundancy and memory loss. The human brain has the capability to adapt to new things and rewire itself regardless of age. Though one’s may brain suffer a serious decline from a disease attack, most memory loss is as a result of inactivity that is lack of mental exercise and stimulation.

There are a wide range of exercises that you can do to stimulate your brain. Some of them you can easily incorporate them in your daily routine for example try dressing with your eyes closed, you could decide not to do any talking during dinner but to only use only visual signs to communicate. You can also move away from routine things and do something differently in a way that it will challenge your brain e. g. use your left hand to write, eat, or just take a new route to work.

Multi-tasking is also another great way to challenge and stimulate your brain. Do two things that involve different senses at the same time. You can try reading and smelling some flowers at the same time.

Other brain exercises require you to make a conscious effort band incorporate them in your daily routine. The modern life is quite sedentary compared to the past. Today walking is considered as a form of exercise yet in the past it was a means of transport. You probably take time to do some physical exercise for your general health but now you have a more reason to work the tread mills. You probably have at one time or another said you are taking a walk to clear your mind. Walking, which many consider as a lazy form of exercise, is actually quite good for your brain as it increases blood circulation, breathing rate and even your heart beat hence more blood flows in the brain, which in turn allows more energy production and waste removal.

Another easy exercise that you can make a daily routine is to move your toes for several times before you get up in the morning. You can stretch, writhe or just wiggle them in whatever way that is comfortable for you. This exercise helps you wake up and be alert as it triggers the nerves that stimulate your brain and other internal organs.

Of all the brain training games you cannot ignore the power of reading. Reading is known to challenge the brain and keep it alert. It may not necessarily be the traditional reading of a book but you could also engage your mind in solving puzzles, brain teasers, and logic problems. Most of them will keep you entertained and also help you to improve your brain and also increase you creativity. The power to improve your brain is in your hands and you must exercise it if you are to become a better person. Age is not a factor it is never too late to start; your brain can grow new neurons at whatever age.

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