Brain training is a general term which refers to any strategy which can help improve the performance of your mind. Generally, there are written exercises, mental techniques and physical or behavioral components involved in any effective program. Below, we aim to share some of the key methods you can begin to use right now, to help improve the performance of your mind. This in turn will lead to greater intellectual, academic, career and relationship success, in any way you wish to define it.

1. Develop A Powerful Visualisation And Meditation Routine

We group visualisation and meditation together in one category, because they deal with many similar components. In particular, from an NLP perspective, they are associated with the primary modality of imagery and visual-ness, which is the primary faculty. Developing this leads to improvements in lots of other associated areas, such as co-ordination, memory, association and spatial creativity.

Meditation has been shown in hundreds of studies to lead to cognitive improvements. Some notable research has been conducted by Dr James Austin on Zen meditation, Dr John Hagelin on transcendental meditators and Professor Kabat-Zinn who bought mindfulness meditation into the mainstream of the West.

There are many different types of meditation which can work to help you, so it is important that you choose a type that can benefit you the best. When you begin to practise it, it may be difficult at first. This happens because your brain is not used to the stimulation. Over time, your brain will become more trained to handle the stimulation and demands that meditation can place on you. When done together in coalescence with other techniques and strategies, the effects can be awesome.

We will leave it to you to choose what type of meditation will suit you best. Everybody has a different lifestyle and taste, so there most certainly is not a "one-size-fits-all" solution to this.

In any case, if you are strapped for time, we would recommend that you try to "live in the moment" as much as possible. This is about focusing your whole mental attention on the here and now. Dr Killingsworth and Dr Gilbert from the University of Harvard conducted research on the level of mind control that people have in day to day awareness. They did this by using an iPhone application to see how focused people were. They concluded and cutting a long story short, that more than 50% of subjects had a wandering mind, and this contributed to their unhappiness.

When the mind wanders, we think about negative things and similar. This lowers dopamine production in the brain, mitigates neuro-transmission processes, contributes to insomnia and lots of other things. Thus, to live in the moment and to stop the mind wandering contributes greatly to brain health and mental strength.

2. Use Mental Training Exercises In Power Phases

This means having 10-15 minute bursts of training, designed to help improve various aspects of your mind. These small bursts of mental activity are designed to create sudden and quick changes in your neurology, which conventional training methods will not allow. As you begin to do this, you will find that - within days - that your overall mental functionality and progress is improved.

You will be able to think more clearly, enhance creativity, boost your IQ and many other things associated with mental progress and development.

If you wish to use this method, here is what to do. One technique called PT (which stands for Pseudo Telekinesis) has been designed to help utilise this training methodology. First, focus your mind on one particular object, such as a coin, wooden block or any other point that is easy to look at with the eye. Next, you want to push your whole focus and attention onto that point, and without the mind wandering from place to place. The mind will wander initially, but you must keep it going onto the point and keep this momentum up.

What you will find within a few days is that all parts of your mind are more focused and clear. You will be able to boost productivity, creativity and everything else. This is the beauty and genius of this technique, and it is quite easy to do. You will know you are performing it correctly, because you will feel an energy change happening within (in terms of a change in feeling), which signifies and attests to the changes which are happening.

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