The secret to losing weight is all in your mind.

It really is, and brain wave entrainment, will give you access to that secret easily and quickly. It will tune your brainwaves to specific frequencies that will provide positive, long lasting results that will eliminate the sabotager lurking in your subconscious mind.

Depriving yourself of forbidden foods, and enduring boot-camp exercise regimes, will not have any lasting effect on you if you don't change the commands coming from your unconscious' operandi. Whether you win or lose the battle over the size of your body, or any battle that life throws at you, the entity in control, is your subconscious mind, and must be reprogrammed in your best interest.

Brain wave entrainment will curb cravings, release anxiety, and boost your metabolism, helping you achieve your weight loss goals by increasing self-control, improving your esteem, motivation, and confidence. You'll see and feel the results so quickly.

It's not about the food you eat, or the fact that you don't want to get off the couch. It's about WHY you don't want to get off the couch and WHY you are anesthetizing yourself with food that gives you comfort.

The secret to losing weight is to forget about losing weight.

You're probably unhappy on one level or another, that's obvious, most of us are until we change our programming.

As an adult, you spend the majority of your life in the fast frequency of beta where you continually think, analyze, and organize--you're always on the alert trying to stay ahead and not be eliminated or found expendable. You leave little room for down time. You're afraid to take your finger off the button. You're always stressed. When you forego down time, you lose communication with your subconscious mind. You don't reflect on what you do and why so you don't change anything.

Stress can make you lazy and fat... and probably an addict.

If you do have the odd moment where you calm your chattering mind, you may do something to force yourself back to the beta frequency because you get uncomfortable about what you may be starting to feel.

We are all afraid of pan, and psychological pain is merciless. We drown out the "whispers" from the subconscious because we think it is easier to shut out issues rather than confronting them.

Those issues were put there by you years ago, when you were a child. Your interpretation of events were implanted in your subconscious mind, with all of the emotions you felt at that time. A child is dictating who you are and how you are living today.

You drink, drug, or eat or all the above. You put yourself into a coma of least sensations, and, before you know it, you're an addict and 50 lbs. overweight.

Losing weight is about mindset. Your body knows how to be at the perfect, healthy weight. You just have to let it do its job and provide it with the new intention of having the healthiest body you can have.

Forget about the struggle of losing weight. Forget about losing weight. Change your programming, your "whispers" and focus on just being your healthiest best. Before you know it, your clothes will start falling off of you. Be conscious, that's all. Be conscious of what you are doing....

Specialized brain wave entrainment (in Alpha and Theta) will take you into your subconscious, the holder of your personal blueprint, and break down and shrink the areas that are holding you back. In this brain wave frequency, memories tend to surface, which is good, but you may feel a surge of emotion. You may sob suddenly but momentarily. When this happens, you are dealing with the memory and its power over you is diminished. Sometimes, you won't be aware of the memory that is blocking your success. Brain wave entrainment will still dismantle these blocks and you will feel "differently", like a door has opened or something has been cleared away. Once the blocks have been neutralized, your intention of having a healthy body can take root. New neural networks will be forged in your gray matter and old negative pathways will shrink.

Entrainment, combined with intention, and then detachment will bring you great personal success, not just with losing weight, but with everything or anything you wish to manifest.

Brain wave entrainment will take away psychological hunger, because that's what's really making you hungry. You're trying to fill a void that you won't even conceptualize. It really has nothing to do with an empty stomach. The compulsion to eat will go away. You'll feel lighter everyday, lighter in spirit, which translates into lighter in mind and body. You'll really be in control of what happens to you.

Your metabolism with be restored, your energy will be outstanding.

Stop thinking (Beta) about losing weight.

Start imagining (Alpha, Theta) yourself healthy and happy.

Brain wave entrainment will help you change your programming and bring out the real you...energized, happy, and thin.

The cool thing about brain wave entrainment is that you can always go back and do the session whenever you wish, as a top off, or to re-energize your new neural pathways.

This is a life-long solution. You don't have to be a slave to your six year old self anymore. Remember, that kid used to pick it's nose and eat it.

Be happy. Being thin is just a side-effect.

Author's Bio: 

Wanina Petlock works in the medical field, specializing in end of life care. She is a reiki master and is very acquainted with energy work, both present and distance, and uses it to help people with their healing journeys. Over twenty years ago, Wanina started using a clinically proven audio technology called brainwave entrainment, to help her through the grief of losing her patients, to death. Having received such relief and healing from these specialized grief recordings, she investigated all the different applications for this powerful therapy. What she found has changed her life in many different ways, and she enjoys sharing what she has learned, by writing informative articles and eBooks. You can benefit from her experiences by following her on the Waverider Emporium website Download your free ebook "Brainwave Entrainment: Easy Even For The Laziest Dog."