Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven system that will guide your dominant brainwave frequency, to the frequency required to energize your desires, providing a strong and fast formula for their manifestation.

Your desire won't manifest if it is not emotionally charged or energized and introduced to the right state of consciousness. You can turn any desire into strong, spirit energy and produce results with entrainment.

Desire must be emotionally charged-strong, intense, giving it spirit, and energy in order for it to manifest in the physical.

You must really desire your desire. You have to really want to achieve something.

Powering up your desires requires both the subconscious mind and the conscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

· This mind can produce anything or any desired result that it believes in.

· This is where miracles, impossible manifestations, unlimited physical potentials, and genius intellect come from.

· From this place, the known laws of the Universe, can be broken or changed.

· The conscious mind is not conscious of the subconscious.

The Conscious Mind

· The conscious mind has limits and doesn't believe in miracles, impossible manifestations and unlimited physical potentials.

· The conscious mind houses the ego, who thinks it knows everything, but really only has access to 2 or 3% of the information available. The ego only sees in front of its nose.

· The conscious mind influences the subconscious mind with its limited thoughts and perceptions.

· Because of these perceptions and beliefs, in a cyclic fashion, the subconscious mind influences your conscious reality.

Using your conscious mind to feed your energized thoughts about your desire to the subconscious, will, when introduced at the frequency of the subconscious, override old conscious limitations.

Two Ways to Energetically Charge Desires

A desire needs to be energetically charged in order to achieve success beyond limitations and sometimes beyond the believable.


· If you think about your desire, with emotion, with conscious effort, eventually your subconscious will believe you and start manifesting it, into the physical.

· It may take a long time doing it this way because the subconscious mind prefers to work from the blueprint you unconsciously drew up with it, when you were a child and coming from a place of fear.

· The subconscious mind has to believe you before it will even remotely entertain the idea of your desire.


· In a state of relaxed awareness, you can present your desire, with emotion, to the subconscious directly.

· Once you are in the frequency of the subconscious mind, you can power up and energize your desire by using its language of visual images and symbols.

· Actually feeling the achievement of your desire, using your five senses, in the subconscious frequency, will by-pass any arguments it may have, instantly installing the desire.

· Energizing your desire this way allows you to be an active participant in the achievement of your desire.

· Once the subconscious mind believes in your desire, it will influence your conscious mind and begin a cycle, each perpetuating the other, leading to the manifestation of your desire.

Accessing the subconscious mind directly, and bringing the conscious mind on board, using brainwave entrainment, will power-up and energize your desires, manifesting them into the physical a lot faster.

Change your blueprint. Clear limited thought patterns and revel in the power of love and gratitude so that you can receive the abundance you so rightly desire.

Take advantage of a technology, brainwave entrainment, that can easily access and maintain the frequency required to communicate with your inner child, clear those blockages, and re-write your blueprint.

This is also the place where you bring your desires and energize them, for faster manifestation.

Author's Bio: 

Wanina Petlock is the founder of Waverider Emporium and the developer of specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings, that are based on over 70 years of accumulated brainwave entrainment clinical research and investigation. She is a speaker and expert writer on brainwave entrainment and its endless uses for everyday living. Wanina works for a major Canadian Home Health company, specializing in end-of-life care, for which she has just won the “caregiver of the year” award. Wanina, also, a birth and death doula, uses brainwave entrainment, reiki, and energy medicine, as therapeutic aids in her practice. And in her down time, Wanina uses her intuitive skills, brainwave entrainment, and EVP to “ghost hunt”, and keep in touch with those who have passed on to the next adventure.
Wanina invites you to, to discover how easy it is to manifest, solve, and create, while releasing the power of your mind, using brainwave entrainment.