Using brainwave technology as part of a healthy life should be a concept that everyone is aware of but it still feels like it’s not as mainstream as I believe it should be, so I’m doing what I can to promote not only sites where high quality recordings can be found but also just the benefits that this technology can have for you personally.

I only came across Binarual, Monaural and isochronic waves about 3 to 4 years ago but almost instantly while using them I was convinced that these technologies are a fantastic asset and tool to improve almost every area of our lives.
From health to mental focus and memory, Brainwave technology is widely applicable and the research into improving it is constantly ongoing. There are quite a few approaches out there from the big boys such as Centerpointe and their Holosynch system to the less mainstream such as Morry Zelcovitch and his Quantum confidence package.

But many of these more elaborate programs require a level of commitment and time that perhaps most of us aren’t willing to give them. I certainly would recommend them as they have put a great deal of money and research into making some outstanding products but I also warn against putting your self off by starting too high.
There are many other less intensive approaches and things like Hypnosis recordings enhanced by the use of brainwaves, Steve G Jones and Kelly Howell offer some amazing products that are a great way to get your feet wet before jumping into the full Brainwave entrainment side of things.

The really exciting thing is that with this approach you’re really not risking anything other than maybe half an hour of time, to date there has been no evidence of any harm coming from use of this technology since all its doing is creating perfectly natural brainwaves which then release chemicals within out brains that are entirely within our bodies control.

So get out there and find some brainwave products that you like the look of because if nothing else it’ll give you a good reason to sit for an half and hour or an hour and just meditate regardless of what your listening to, and that alone will bring huge benefits of health and happiness but also mental focus and relaxation.

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I am a website designer and internet marketer.
I've personally used Brainwave entrainment products for many years and feel that they are a vital addition to daily life.

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