Brand promotion is that the practice of influencing potential customers to drive them to shop for our particular brand. Brand promotion is said to the interaction process. Proper brand promotion helps customers in ensuring that we've all that they need .
The brand activation/promotion process won't only have an economic interest it also features a social interest.
Why is Brand Activation/Promotion Required?
Brand Activation/promotion is required to-
Promote information associated with features, prices, and special schemes of the brand.
Differentiate the merchandise by convincing the purchasers about the unique features of the brand.
Create and increase the demand for the merchandise .
Build brand equity.
Stabilize the sales suffering from natural, social, or political changes. for instance , Nescafe promoted its new brand of 'iced coffee' to extend sales during summer.
Outperform the competitor’s marketing efforts: during a highly competitive market, even a well-established brand has got to be promoted to retain market share. for instance , Coca Cola and Pepsi work to nullify each other's efforts.
Build a positive brand image.

Brand Activation/Promotion Methods
There are various brand promotion methods conducted to stay the brand noticeable-
Organizing Contests − to draw in the consumers, various contests are organized for consumers without having them to get the merchandise and making a gift of gifts or prizes.
Promotion on Social Media − When the brand is promoted on social media, it's not perceived as “aggressively trying to sell”, rather as having the ability to speak at a more personal level.
Product Giveaways − This strategy is employed for promoting edibles, toiletries, foods, etc., where a little sample is given away to the consumers for free of charge trial.
Point-of-Sale Promotion − these things are placed near the checkout within the store and are often purchased by consumers on impulse as they wait to be verified .
Customer Referral Incentive Programs − this is often how to bring new customers with the assistance of the prevailing customers by offering some incentives to the prevailing customers.
Causes and Charity − Some percent of the quantity after selling the merchandise is donated for a cause or charity thereby promoting the merchandise . Charity and cause are the explanations which induce the emotions of helping within the customers.
Promotional Gifts − it's making a gift of gifts which the purchasers can practically use, like caps, key chains, pens, etc. This helps the brand to always remain with the purchasers and creates an emotional attachment.
Customer Appreciation − it's organized with the target of not selling the merchandise or service. it's how to make a fond memory attached with the brand. It includes organizing in-store refreshment events with the offer of food treats of pizza, burger, beverages, etc. it's an efficient thanks to bring new potential customers.
Advantages of brand name promotion
Brand promotion helps our business to create our brand for an extended period of time .
The brand promotion provides education to the consumers about our product by giving details about our product brand.
Helps in acquiring or building market share as a brief term.
Brand promotion influences the purchasing decision of a consumer by educating them during a proper way. So it's going to save time and tide.
The brand promotion will help in better employment generation as this may provide many job opportunities.
Helps in improved tax income to the govt departments. it's due to the high sales volume.
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