A letter to my sister who was given for adoption by choice or if Brandi was taken by state. I hope and pray you never find us. Isn't this how spam normally starts? Our family is an embarrassment, our mother and father drug addicted both sell and mule.

Drug of choice meth, speed, and prescriptions parents socio narcissistst. If you took a look at x and y chromo. You would know I'm telling truth.

Y chromo abusive, pedophile, manipulator, and filthy. Our mother suffers vanity, pedophilia, pathological liar, and sick. They are kurupt, I have a husband who'd welcoming you through fucking and fail to say, "wart has an sti" Yep, asshole I married.. **deep sigh°°

I think kas was pregnant with Brandi in November of 77, gave birth July 10, 1978 @ Tacoma General and placed for adoption of March 79 by society children's home in Tacoma.

Odd fact: Brandi (6) LeeAnn (6) Looney (6). Mom why did u bless child with Satan's number? I guess u decided to give Cain, and pervert Abel? Good to know u gave demon seed away.

kas's story doesn't add up. she claims pregnancy from Nov 78 gave birth July of 79, but here is the kicker kas stated March of 1979 for year of adoption which is not logical.

Brandi, I hope you went to a family who love and care for you deeply and saw to your needs. I hope you went to a huge family who taught love and affection!! :)) Granted with opportunities to never look back and wonder what happened? If you did not receive a life you deserve keep nightmares.

If you want to come back and I guarantee, kas and bruce will try to kill you. kas and bruce need our blood, we are quite special thanx to genetics. You are my natural sister, but have several halves. Our roots are part Native American we come from a powerful bloodline through ancestral rites of Chief Joseph Sr and Jr. Our parents need one of us to finish their contract.

I'm not here to give Brandi fairy tales, fallacies, or delusion. Reality our family is dangerous. A memory for you..I was 14 months Brandi, your crib bedding was hot air balloons done in white with red piping and little brown teddybears. bruce and kas fought constantly I remember feeling so frightened that if you cried our parents would hurt you the way they hurt me.

I would climb on your crib and hold your hand for comfort. It was what I could do to give protection, and say, "shh, it'll be alright." You are my sister, as a child I did what I could to protect, and as an Adult I would be irresponsible to lie. Understand I love you.

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