Brandon Brice is a U.S. writer and show host who has worked for a handful of news outlets and television networks and has seen tremendous success in the media industry through his op-ed,reporting and political commentary.

Brice was born in Detroit’s West Side and has worked hard to obtain national and international recognition in the media.

He has a bachelor’s in business administration from Howard University and a master’s in science and global affairs from Rutgers University.

Brice has worked for the United Nations, the Heritage Foundation and even served on Capitol Hill.

Instead, Brice has always been involved in his community and his country, working in the office of former United States speaker of the house, J. Dennis Hasert and serving as director of education and African-American affairs for New Jersey Governor Chris J. Christie.

It wasn’t until later Brice became and Op-Ed columnist and writer for places such as the Mackinac Center for Policy, Detroit News, Washington Times, Communities Digital News, and MSNBC's the Grio.

Brice is the Host of the Brandon Brice Show on WDTK The Patriot Salem Radio and the Michigan Chronicle named Brice the 2018 Man of Excellence for his work with youth in Detroit.

Brice has been featured on MSNBC, FOX News, C-SPAN,, ABC News, Al-Jazeera and BET.

Here are Brandon Brice’s 3 rules for success in the media industry:

1. “Do your job and do it well.” Brice says it’s important to get the job done and to do a good job. Good work makes you stand out and makes people remember you. If you do a good job, people will keep coming back when they need you. It’s a great way to build rapport and establish solid professional relationships.

2. “Stay humble and be prepared.” To Brice preparedness is everything. He’s always ready to get the job done, which is what helped him be successful in the media industry. He wouldn’t be able to work with so many people and organizations if it wasn’t for his preparedness. At the same time, he recommends being humble and hard-working. Brice says you should always try to uplift others, not put them down.

3. “Know your strengths, understand your weaknesses.” Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, Brice says you should triple down on your strengths. You don’t need to
worry about your weaknesses, just be aware of them and better yourself everyday. Showcasing your strengths make you shine, not focusing on your weakness. That being
said, stay in your lane.

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