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The surface treatment method of the part should be supported the structural characteristics of the part and therefore the nature of the fabric so as to pick different
surface treatment methods. you'll choose consistent with the subsequent principles,Brass Components Suppliers.
The principle of economic applicability, the precision range of parts must be compatible with the precision of the surface treatment of the parts to make sure that the
machined parts meet the wants .
The principle of adaptation to the kinds of production, and for various sorts of production, different processing methods should be chosen.
Principle of matching processing methods, processing consistent with processing requirements and available resources.Brass Components Suppliers in Mumbai,
We provide machining of prototypes of brass , aluminum for CNC milling and turning metal parts , Brass Components Manufacturers,Brass Components Stockists in India if you're interested, please contact us.
To ensure accurate machining of parts, rough parts and precision mechanical parts must be machined separately.
Choose your equipment wisely.Brass Components StockistsMachining rough parts doesn't require high machining accuracy, but it mainly reduces machining stock, so very high precision machines are required for precise machining.
The heat treatment process is important when machining precision parts, and therefore the heat treatment process can improve the cutting performance of the metal.
Cnc Mill ING machine Price is reasonable from our company, we've a 3-axis miller with CNC and little lathe withCNC purchasable .
How to process brass
Copper and copper alloy welding mainly uses gas welding, gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding, brazing and other methods.
Copper and copper alloys have good thermal conductivity,Brass Components Exporters in Mumbai, in order that they usually got to be preheated before welding and welded with a high heat input. Tungsten hydrogen arc
welding uses a DC connection. For gas welding, a neutral flame or low carbonized flame is employed for red copper, and for brass, a weakly oxidized flame is employed to
prevent the evaporation of zinc.
Our company offers the brass parts with CNC for sales and services for cutting brass CNC please don't hesitate to contact us if necessary.
Materials: SPCC, SGCC, chrome steel , steel , Brass Components,low-carbon steel , aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.
Product range: sheet fabrication, auto parts, motorcycle, construction equipment, metal cabinets, etc. Brass Components in Mumbai,OEM cold formed welding steel parts with best price ratio
ISO9001-2000 OEM is welcome Has the power to assist with design and deveop of the new project.

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